In announcing several campaign proposals on Nov. 11, Attorney General Greg Abbott signaled his departure from the Texas Republican Party platform which calls for a ban on red light cameras in Texas.

In response, GOP gubernatorial candidate Tom Pauken Monday issued the following statement:

“Demonstrating yet another difference between Greg Abbott and myself, I support a statewide ban on red light cameras as prescribed in the Texas Republican Party’s platform.

“As demonstrated in cases throughout Texas, fines are being levied against individuals without proof they were driving the vehicle captured on camera. The cameras have been proven to malfunction and ticket innocent people. I have personally experienced both situations.

“More importantly, I have seen no evidence that these devices improve safety and they may actually cause drivers to speed through green or yellow lights, or stop suddenly when the light turns yellow. In many cases these cameras are seen by local government officials as simply another revenue source. There are fairer ways to fund municipal government than this dubious use of red light cameras.

“As governor, I will work to end the use of red light cameras in Texas and I call upon Greg Abbott to honor the Republican party’s platform on this issue instead of imitating Democrat Wendy Davis’ support of cameras.”