What an exciting week — and an extremely busy week ahead as we prepare for the Thanksgiving and the beginning of the holiday season.

First of all, I want to give a special thanks to Scott Dorsett for providing a new photo for my column.

Contrary to popular perception, the real reason I haven’t had a photo taken in more than a decade is because I haven’t slowed down long enough to have one taken. By order of the man who signs my paycheck, I now have a new column photo. Being the multi-tasker that I am, I also combined it with a new program we’re launching next week to showcase our Daily Light team in a series of advertisements that will be running in the paper. So, while Scott was taking photos of the WDL staff, I took my turn in line and now everyone’s happy.

But the real exciting news is about a new contest we’re launching next Sunday (Dec. 1), with one lucky reader winning a $500 shopping spree for Christmas.

The program is called “Santa Lost a Gift” and is being co-sponsored by Walmart.

Next week we will hide a medallion somewhere in Waxahachie. I can’t tell you where, but it will be on public property. However, in each edition of the paper from Dec. 1 through Dec. 25 (unless someone finds it sooner), we will publish a clue inside the paper that will help lead you to the medallion.

The first reader to find the medallion and bring it to the Daily Light office will receive a $500 gift card to Walmart.

We’re all excited about the contest. While the contest is designed to increase readership, I like the fact that those who participate have an opportunity to get to know our community and the many amenities its provides.

It really is going to be a fun treasure hunt, with a $500 shopping spree at the end of the hunt.


SportsBlitz app bonus

A few weeks ago I wrote about our new sports app and all of the features it provides our readers.

For any parent, grandparent, uncles and aunts and fans of youth sports, it is a great tool to help provide your young athlete the publicity they deserve. All of us take pictures with our cell phones. With the Waxahachie SportsBlitz app, you can upload a photo of your favorite athlete and send it via the app directly to Daily Light Sports Editor Billy Wessels — right from the field.

No downloading. No computers. No trying to remember share it with everyone when you get home.

The app works on both Apple and Android phone systems and you can download it for FREE from your favorite app store. Just do a search for Waxahachie SportsBlitz and touch the download tab.

Any photo you send in via the app will appear on the Daily Light website — and we will publish all submitted photos in our Sunday Sports Extra edition. Our kids are special. Their youth sports leagues are special. From baseball to tumbling, we want to give them the publicity they deserve.

I’m so convinced readers are going to love this app that I’m going make a special offer that can’t be beat.

Next week (Nov. 25-29), anyone that comes to the Daily Light and shows us the Waxahachie SportsBlitz app on their phone will receive a one-week free subscription to the Daily Light. If you already have a subscription, we’ll extend your current subscription by a week. If you have more than one cell phone in your household, bring those in and I’ll give you an extra week of the paper for every phone that has the Waxahachie SportsBlitz app downloaded (up to four phones per household).

Just ask for Robin Fox, show her the app on your phone and she will either sign you up for a free week of home delivery or extend your current subscription.

That’s how confident I am that you’re going to love this app.

It’s free.

The app is free — and I’m giving you a week’s worth of your award-winning hometown Daily Light newspaper as an added bonus.

And while you’re getting your extra week of the newspaper, I just want to give one more plug to our special subscription offer that we’ve been running during the month of November. That program ends next Friday (Nov. 29) and for every new or renewal subscription made during the month we’re making a donation to the Waxahachie ISD Band Boosters.

A subscription to the Daily Light makes a great stocking stuffer — and we’re helping a truly fantastic program at the same time.

Thanks for making us part of your daily routines. It’s a privilege we take very seriously. On behalf of the entire staff, have a safe and enjoyable Thanksgiving, we look forward to seeing you at the many community holiday events taking place in the days ahead.