To the Editor,

This may be a hard sell, but let me suggest a hope-filled look forward (for those who understand what is coming).

As a veteran that served during the Vietnam War in an area of conflict; I only did what anyone would have done in my place. I do not feel worthy of any gratitude from other citizens. Of course, I appreciate those who share their gratitude.

This Veteran’s Day, we will honor members of the military for their service and more importantly for the great sacrifice many have made to defend freedom and individual liberty; paying with their life and limb.

The new holiday I hope to see in our American future is the celebration of citizen veterans and not military veterans.

In the decades to come, may we celebrate the Citizen Sentinels, the Freedom and Liberty Guard, the Citizen Watchmen & Watchwomen, and the Quick Response Neighborhood Teams that all resisted the “Fundamental Changing of America.”

May we read of the heroic defense put up by individual members of our community that stopped the step by step, inch by inch, emasculation of America. May we share stories of how everyday citizens stopped the mediators of sustainability, social justice, and the new science of “consensus.”

Most importantly, may we sing songs of gratitude for our friends and neighbors who stood firm against the powers of darkness that attacked – both subtly and aggressively - our freedom of religion and our fundamental right to worship God and live a moral and just life.

To all those who have truly sacrificed body and soul for America, to all who have given their blood, their limbs or their life for our freedom … I salute you and honor you this Veterans Day.

And to current and future citizens, may we be able to honor your service and sacrifice that will soon be required – if we are to remain free.

James B. Parker,