Texas Speaker of the House issued the following statement following Tuesday’s statewide election:

“The Texas economy took a big step forward tonight. This vote will allow communities across Texas to secure the water resources needed to foster private-sector growth and economic opportunity. Job-creators will know that Texas has the water supply they need, and towns and cities will be better prepared for prolonged drought conditions.

“This vote proves that the people of Texas will support leaders who are willing to make difficult decisions. It would have been easy to ignore this crisis and allow our State Water Plan to continue collecting dust on a shelf. Instead, a bipartisan group of legislators put forth a responsible plan that the people of Texas have now endorsed. As we address other issues, I will continue to encourage Members to work in a collaborative way to find thoughtful, pragmatic solutions to the challenges that come with our economic success.

“I want to thank the more than 160 House and Senate Members who worked to pass this amendment over the last several months. I especially want to thank Chairman Allan Ritter, not only for his leadership in this campaign, but also for his tremendous work on this proposal during the legislative session. Today’s vote is a fitting conclusion to his years of service to the people of Texas.”