To the Editor,

Is it just me or is there a concerted effort among the Libertarian wing of the Tea Party Division of the Local Republican party to cannibalize their more traditional Republican brethren and sisters? Following the national trend recently exampled by the R.N.C., we have seen recent letters in the Daily Light using Magnablend as a springboard to jump on the incumbent county officials up for re-election.Those authoring the letters include one who is seeking one of those positions while the other uses scenarios to bring question to the judgement of those they wish to lay on the political table and devour. Pass the salt.

It brings up, by their claims however, the judgement of those with the knives and forks. The examples they give shows not only their lack of having anything positive to offer, other than not being the incumbent, but their ability to understand the reality of the incidents mentioned.

Them suggesting that Magnablend being at fault for a truck turning over and the present commission members being tied to that is ludicrous. Any one who knows anything about large trucks knows the safe operation of the vehicle lies squarely on the shoulders of the driver. The securing of the load on any truck is also the responsibility of the driver. Magnablend did not own these trucks only contracted with the carriers to move their product. To insinuate that somehow that a commissioner or judge had a hand in driving those trucks is a stretch of even the most inventive imagination. To use these as examples why some shouldn’t stay in  office proves nothing. But it does prove a lot about the qualifications of those wanting your vote to replace them.

Keep the fear mongering. Keep the proliferation of supposed guilt. There is nothing to substantiate their claims. If these candidates truly have concerns for the safety and well being of those who live near Magnablend, which by the way is not going anywhere, where are their plans or even ideas to help improve the roads to the much maligned facility? Have they even tried to contact management at Magnablend to help with the costs of new roads? Time to quit talking and start walking.

I haven’t seen anything. Only the negative comments on those whose offices they seek. It is only the opinion of a humble described liberal Democrat void of character, but it seems that those using the TEA (remember when that meant Taxed Enough Already instead of Trashing Everyone Again) bags as floaties should stay out of the deeper political waters and remain in the shallow end until they have something to support them sufficiently. Their recent letters proves they do not.

In closing let me state that I have nothing against anybody seeking any office. It would be not American to suggest otherwise. But we should elect someone on the basis of their integrity, not on a planned, coordinated assassination of that of another.

Alan Fox,