People have described Leonard Sullivan as a giving person willing to help anyone in need. Sullivan passed away on Oct. 27 leaving behind a community that is grateful for his time and service devoted to it.

Sullivan was a longtime resident of Waxahachie, born June 10, 1915 in Goldthwaite, Texas. He was raised in Texas and Minnesota, where he was a graduate of Long Prairie High School and the University of Minnesota. He and his family returned to Texas in 1956 and settled in Waxahachie.

Sullivan was a life-long Rotarian and he took great pride in his service and dedication to the club. He was also a Mason, and in June 2010 he received the 70th Year Masonic Service Award.

“I have known Len a long time. He was already a longtime member of the Rotary Club when I came along in 1984. He never saw a need that he didn’t attempt to fill. He was not one that would sit around and wait for someone else to make things better. I really admire that,” Waxahachie Rotarian Dave McSpadden said. “He was a great cheerleader for the community. He was willing to do whatever he could to promote the community. He loved Waxahachie. If you just said ‘wouldn’t it be nice if someone would take care of this.' Len would be the one to take care of it.”

Rotarian Mike Tull said Sullivan’s leadership will be missed here in the community. Tull said Sullivan used what he had to give back to people and was always donating his time and skills.

“He was a great person. He always made time to get things done,” Tull said. “If you need something he would help you out in any way he could.”

Fellow Rotarian Melissa Ballard said Sullivan was a very kind and giving person who was passionate about family and about his community. He gave back to Waxahachie through his church, the Rotary Club and was a mentor to many people.

Sullivan was an active and involved member of the Central Presbyterian Church in Waxahachie and was one of the first visionaries for Bethlehem Revisited. Sullivan was involved in many civic activities in the community and in 2006 was named Citizen of the Year by the Waxahachie Chamber of Commerce.

Hilda Chapman who worked with Sullivan at Bethlehem Revisited shared McSpadden’s feelings that Sullivan was always willing to help no matter what the job. Chapman said Sullivan worked behind the scenes quietly not wanting credit for his actions.

A memorial service was held Friday, Nov. 1 at the Central Presbyterian Church to recognize Sullivan's lifetime of service to Waxahachie above himself, his loving dedication to his family and many achievements for the community.

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