EDITORíS NOTE: Sara Rundgren is a senior member of the nationally-recognized Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. Playing flute, she is chronicling the marching band during the 2013 season in their bid to return to the Texas UIL State Marching Band Competition.

Monday, 11.4

The last few months have been stressful and exhausting for everyone in the band, but it is all worth it to be given the opportunity to compete in the State Marching Contest. We left Waxahachie with warm regards from all of our supporters and made our journey to San Antonio.

On the way, we stopped in Round Rock for a few hours to practice. Due to injuries, some members were forced to be replaced, which only gave the replacements one day to learn an entire show. But the band handled all of the last minute alterations with professional efficiency. We practiced for a few hours, then loaded the buses to embark on the last leg of the trip.

†After eating and settling into the hotel rooms in San Antonio, the band reloaded the buses and headed for a few more hours of practice. This rehearsal was merely for production runs. After an extremely long day of travel and practice, the band returned to the hotels to get some rest for the biggest day of our marching season.

Tuesday, 11.5

The band woke bright and early at 5:45 a.m. to eat breakfast and load buses. By 6:45, we were Alamodome bound. Our visual and musical warm up before our preliminary performance was slightly distracted, but after a quick scolding from Armstrong, the band locked into the warm up.

†Performing under the Dome was surreal. The environment was completely different than anything the band was used to. Towards the end our show, the wheels almost came off, but we recovered swiftly.

Knowing that there was a lot of improvement needed for our finals performance, we left the Alamodome to go practice some of the rough spots. We came back to the Dome feeling more prepared for the next round.

The band was the most focused we have ever been during that warm up before finals. We entered the Alamodome for the second time that day with the determination to give a performance of a lifetime.

And that is exactly what we did. We left our hearts out on the field, and no ranking from the judges could change the quality of our performance.

We came in 8th place out of the 245 4A marching bands in Texas. There was quite a bit of disappointment lurking through the band, likely due to the fact that the last time Waxahachie performed at State, we placed 6th.

The band felt that we degraded, but in retrospect, it is quite the opposite. The 2013 marching band at Waxahachie is the best it has ever been in the history of Waxahachie High School.

Was it upsetting that we didnít place higher?

Most definitely.

But the energy we left on the field after finals says more about us than any ranking. We canít control 5 judges perception of our show or how the 9 other bands performed. The only thing left to our own devices was how we played (which was spectacular.)

Friday, 11.8

Todayís performance was about proving to Waxahachie that we are better than 8th.

We may not have been awarded gold medals, but that will never stop the band from performing with the sophistication of champions.

Thank you, Waxahachie:

The honor we were given to represent the great town of Waxahachie was priceless. We could not have gotten to where we are today without the endless love and support that this community showers us with.

Words cannot describe how fortunate every single member of the band is to be in an environment that is constantly striving to be better.

We thank you for being our number one fans through every step of this journey.