Bee educator, bee keeper, and our friend Susan Pollard claims bees are out pollinating in full force.  

If the bees are on flowers and in the gardens and the number of bees seems excessive it is actually a good thing.  

These active and busy bees are storing up food.   Just like the squirrels gather nuts, the bees are storing nectar for the long winter months.

So, what is the buzz at Monopoly Place, the housing addition next to our community garden?  

The buzz is the bees busy pollinating, gathering and storing for the cold months ahead. Unfortunately, “Nature at work” has created an unwarranted fear in the neighborhood.

The two hives of bees were placed in the White Rock Local Garden months ago. But the recent food gathering activity has alarmed the neighborhood.  

Bees are on the flowers and the shrubs, the neighbors claim they are noticing more bee activity.  According to bee specialist, Pollard, if a complaint would come into her office on bees it is typical to be called this time of year, because the bees are highly active just before winter sets in.  

This activity will be slowing down and soon the bees will settle in for the winter.

Donelle and I recognize the need for more bee education.  

Yes, there are a few people allergic to bees and for those people we recognize their concerns.  

However, we work in and around bees all the time. In the gardens we let the bees tend to their business and we tend our gardens.  

Without pollination and without the presence of bees our food supply would be very limited.

While there are other pollinators the honey bee is the most effective pollinator of all plants.  

This pollination increases the yield of fruit, vegetable, and flower production.  

Pollination increases through honey bees can be enjoyed by neighbors of the bee keeper as well because bees travel up to three miles from the hive looking for food sources.

Have you drizzled some honey on your hot biscuits lately?  

Honey is delicious and a natural sugar substitute.  It can be added to your hot tea or used in your favorite muffin recipe. Not only is honey tasty, but some people swear by local and raw honey to alleviate allergy symptoms.  

The wax from the honey comb is used for candles.  Bees wax candles are valued for their clean burn and sweet smell. The wonderful bees wax is also used in many lotions and some hand soaps.  

Royal jelly is another by product produced by the bees.

Bees are an incredible workforce for farmers, gardeners and orchards.  

Labor cost can eat up the earnings of a farmer.  However installing bee hives and employing bees to work for the farmer or gardener, one only needs to provide the right environment for them.  

The bees will work hard and increase production in exchange for nectar and pollination.   

Not only will they work hard but in addition provide the dividend of the sweet golden honey.  

So, if you notice an increased activity of bees just smile and appreciate the busy bees that are hard at work providing work for the local farmers and gardeners.  

Maybe you too can help the farmer by going to the farmer’s market and ask for some local honey for your family!

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