EDITOR’S NOTE: The Waxahachie Daily Light publishes campaign announcements for all candidates running in Ellis County races. Announcements are submitted by the candidate and published as submitted.

James B. Parker of Midlothian announces his candidacy for State Representative, District 10.

I am concerned about the fundamental changes that are taking place in America and their impact on Texas and our communities.  As a CITIZEN, I must do something to stop these progressive attacks on our core values and liberties.

We have far too many lawyers and members of big business that “represent the people,” but seem to personally benefit and grow politically stronger while they serve in the Texas House of Representatives.  

This I will not do.  

You will find that my experiences in life have prepared me to understand and represent the “people” of District 10.  

I do not seek titles or benefits; my service will be hard work and active research into how each bill coming before the House will affect all citizens of Ellis and Henderson counties. I have retired from the United States Air Force and from the education system. I will go to Austin for one purpose only, to serve the people and protect those things we hold most sacred (In God We Trust, Liberty, Family Values, and our Constitution).

With your SUPPORT, I will go to Austin as your Texas Legislative DISTRICT 10 Representative and I will give everything I have to PROTECT and DEFEND our Constitutional and God given rights to worship, to raise our families and to become the best that we as individuals and communities can be.

I invite you to go to  http://www.Parker4District10.org. Read my story and see what I have done in my life to serve God, my country and my family. I believe what I have done best represents what you can expect from me as your District 10 Representative.

With your vote, my skill, desire and experience, I can get to work serving you, our communities and county, as well as the great state of Texas.

James B. Parker,

candidate, Texas Legislative Representative  District 10