To the Editor,

Last Wednesday evening my husband and I were on one of our “dates.” Since he got out of the hospital the last time, he gets to feeling penned up so we go for a drive. They have become our “dates.” We’ll go through a drive-through and get a hamburger, a piece of chicken, foot-long hotdog or vanilla malt with extra malt.

This past Wednesday though I really messed up – in every way. With our minivan I ran into the curb and blew out a front tire. I’d forgotten my cellphone to call for help. My husband got the jack out and began to try and get the lug nuts. But, bless him, he was just too weak and couldn’t. I went out by the street to flag down a cop so he could call a tow truck or something.

I began to cry, which was no help at all, but I was just mortified, as it was my stupid negligence that had gotten us in this fix.

So I’m waiting for a cop to come by when a small SUV made a U-turn after passing me, and pulled in beside our van and asked if we needed help.

It was a 20-something Mexican couple. We told them what happened and why my husband couldn’t do it himself and the guy kept insisting, “Don’t worry, ma’am, I’ll take care of it. Sit inside out of the heat. It’s too hot out here. I can take care of it.”

He took care of everything and I helped him put everything away. My husband held out his hand to shake and offer something. But at the last second the man pulled his hand away and said, “No, no, no, no, no sir. I’ll not take it.”

My husband had tried to give him $20.

The man said earlier he and his wife were on their way to church. My husband told him to put it in the collection plate. He wasn’t open to that either, in fact he seemed more concerned we would be able to get a new tire and whether we had help to take care of those things.

He was a good man that simply wanted to help and expected nothing in return. He would only take the words “thank you” from us. But what he gave us was so much more.

I hope he sees this so he knows how much his simple act of kindness meant to us.

Mary and Dan Harris Sr.,