To the Editor,

Sept.30 is coming soon; the countdown is under way. The federal government will soon be operating without a budget. HAH! What a joke! The federal government has not been working under a “budget” since before Obama was president. Actually, the last time a true budget was signed into law, Bill Clinton was president, and Newt Gingrich was Speaker.

The Democrat-media complex, supporting President Obama, will make sure that if the big government Republicans actually grow a pair, and stand up for principles, causing a partial shutdown of the behemoth, the Republicans will be blamed for the “crisis” that will develop. The history of government shutdowns is truly long and detailed, and we have suffered very little.

Since I first voted in the 1976 primary, there have been 17 shutdowns; the longest was 21 days, when Bill Clinton finally acceded to the Republican Congress’ balanced budget deal. The five longest shutdowns were during the Carter Administration and lasted from eight days to 18 days. By the way, the Democrat Jimmy Carter had a Democrat Congress. This is why you not aware of any catastrophe that arose during these shutdowns.

Even if the Republican elite determines it is in the best interest of the Republic, something I doubt they will do, the government will continue to thrive and grow. Baseline budgeting and the supremacy of the Democrats and the media will make sure of that. Since the Carter Administration, the government shutdowns have been only a couple of days duration, nobody lost a dime of pay, essential services like air traffic controllers, the military, the FBI, all of the federal security apparatus, etc. continue to function. All non-discretionary budget items, like Medicare, Social Security, and all other departments funded outside of normal budget process continue unabated.

The administration, with its willing accomplices in the Democrat media, will paint the Republicans as extremists, a tiny minority of Tea Party Republicans will stand up for We the People, but in the end the big government Republicans will cave to the pressure and pass the budget as required by President Obama.

We deserve better; we can do better.

Bill Carson,

Ellis County Tea Party