Rain drops keep falling on our heads! The FarmGirls could not be happier.  Drizzly rains have been perfect for the gardens. Every Texas gardener must be singing a new tune to these incredible cool days in July!

Despite the welcomed rain, this did not keep the FarmGirls and our interns out of the gardens.  

Wet days are ideal for foliar feeding. We encourage gardeners in North Texas to vegetable garden year round.  

There are two gardening techniques that enable  plants to withstand the extreme elements of nature and bring an abundance of  vegetables in the harvest(s) seasons, foliar feeding and wet to wet planting.  

For foliar feeding with FarmGirls Tea Freshly Brewed Compost Tea, water is the best carrier for the microbes.  

We use both pump up sprayers and watering cans to administer foliar feeding. We alternate the foliar feeds in our gardens using Garrett Juice, Sea Mist, and FarmGirls Tea  Freshly Brewed Compost Tea.  

Foliar feeding offers protection from disease and insect damage to the plants and alternating the foliar feeds will increase plant protection.

The wet to wet is a technique we use for planting transplants. In a bucket make a solution of water and Maxi-Crop Seaweed, about a tablespoon of seaweed to a gallon of water.  

Soak the transplant in the maxi-crop water solution and dig a hole in the soil, add 1 cup of soft rock phosphate and 1 cup of worm castings to the hole.  

Fill the hole with water.  Then place the transplant in the amended hole.  Pull the soil around the plant.  Please note to use Maxi-Crop Seaweed for wet to wet planting because it slows top growth and encourages root growth.  

Fall garden plantings start in late July through the end of September.  Hopefully, the tomatoes and peppers withstood the summer heat and will remain in the garden for fall production.  

Plan your fall garden and purchase your seeds from a reputable nursery or feed store. Vegetables that thrive in the fall include cucumbers, squash, tomatoes, peppers, spinach, lettuce, cabbage, broccoli, mustard, turnips, beets, radishes, kale, collards and okra.

The FarmGirls have taught hundreds of people to successfully vegetable garden.  

We offer monthly classes and currently are offering a six-week fall vegetable gardening classes. Our next Saturday six-week Vegetable Class begins Aug. 3, at 3 p.m., if you are interested in this class send us an email (email address is listed below).  

There is no better way to eat fresh and local than from your very own back yard. Whether from a container, a raised bed or a ground garden there is nothing like the flavor of home grown vegetables.  

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