This past weekend provided me with a great experience. While my brother-in-law and sister were doing some repair work to the duplex they own here in town, I got the chance to spend some one-on-one time with my nephew Tucker.

While only 2-years-old, Tucker’s bright personality comes shining though each time I get the chance to see him.

Having him spend the afternoon with me reminded me of the times I spent with my uncles growing up and the great memories that I look back on now. I always had an amazing time over at my uncle’s house. There were things that they would let you do that your parents would never let you get away with. It was kind of like getting to go to the Bat Cave and having Batman show you all his gadgets.

I remember when I was about 8 I got the chance to spend the night at my Uncle Greg’s house and watch all three of the “Back to the Future” films while hyped up on junk food.  Following the movie he showed me a hailstone that was as big as a softball that he had saved from storm kept it preserved in his freezer.

Seeing a piece of hail that large as 8 year old seemed to raise the “cool” status of my Uncle Greg. While at my at Uncle Jim’s house, he and I would continue the quest to find Waldo while sitting on his couch.

Now it was my turn to be the uncle. During the afternoon the first thing Tucker asked for in his short, but to the point sentences, was “Where’s kitty?” So I sat him down on the couch and found my cat, Morpheus, sleeping next to the bookcase. Little did he know that he had an eager 2-year old who wanted to be his friend.

As soon as Morpheus saw Tucker his eyes widened and his body stiffened up. I sat down on the couch with Morpheus in my lap and showed Tucker how to nicely pet the kitty. After a minute or so, Tucker found his rhythm and Morpheus began to ease up. Once our first of many visits with my cat was over we investigated my Matchbox and model car collection on my bookshelf. We caused accidents and had high speed chases on the surface of the coffee table. Making the cars crash and collide into each other would spark a high-pitched laugh from Tucker, who though that was the funniest thing in the world.

One of the staples of my childhood growing up was watching the adventures of Kermit, Gonzo, Animal, Miss Piggy and Fozzie Bear on the big screen.

Well, I got to show Tucker the timeless classic “The Muppet Movie” during his visit. Honestly, what is funnier than abear driving a Studebaker cross-country with a frog in the passenger seat?

During the movie we each enjoyed a cookie while I got the chance to teach him the name of the characters. I think that Tucker was more interested in the cookie than the movie. He did get a little scared at one point when Animal started shouting “Roll Film.”

As the afternoon wrapped up, he gave me a high five and hug. Cool was something that I could never achieve in high school, but in the eyes of my nephew, I guess I finally made it.

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