Waxahachie Global High School graduate and volunteer firefighter Kameron Raburn has come up with a project that can aid first responders and help save lives during an emergency call.

As a student in April Moon’s Capstone Class at WGHS, Raburn’s mentor was his teacher’s husband, Trey Moon, a fire/EMS professional. Trey steered Raburn toward doing something with firefighting and emergency medical services as his community project.

“The Ellis County Vial for Life Integration Project is something that started off as a Capstone Project at Global High School in Mrs. Moon’s class. It is a project they had started doing all around the country but I kind took my own spin on it,” Raburn said.

The Vial for Life project allows families to store important medical information in a secure accessible place for first responders in an emergency situation. A form is provided to give medical information, including a list of current and past medical conditions, current and past medications, allergies to medications, health insurance information, emergency contacts and the last time an individual was hospitalized.

The form is then placed inside a blue vial that is marked with a red sticker and is stored in the refrigerator. A second red sticker is then placed on the door to notify first responders that there is a vial of information in the refrigerator.

“I had to ask everyone in the world for donations and fill out all kind of grant requests. I was kind of unsuccessful at first. It was pretty difficult trying to find someone to fund the project,” Raburn said. “Eventually I got connected with the North Central Texas Trauma Regional Advisory Council. I had to fill out a bunch of paper work with them and learn all about the grant process.”

Raburn said another group that supplied funding for the project included the Laurenwood Nursing and Rehabilitation Center in Duncanville. Since the funding has been secured, 5,000 Vials of Life are  assembled and ready to be distributed. The project has received support from many departments from across Ellis County.

Members of the public can stop by any of the Waxahachie Fire Department Stations and pick up a Vial for Life at no charge.

Station one is located at 407 Water St., station two is located at 1601 Cleaver St and station three is located at 200 YMCA Drive.

Raburn is working at this time to have the vials distributed to local churches and other departments throughout the county so people can pick them near to where they live.

Trey Moon, a lieutenant for the Waxahachie Fire Department, said the vial provides the person who may not be able to communicate with first responders with a voice to relay important medical information and to speed up the treatment process.

If anyone wishes to make a donation to the project they may contact Raburn at 469-658-5011.

For more information about the project, go online to www.vialoflifeforms.weebly.com or www.kameronraburn.weebly.com.

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