To the Editor,

The day of judgment has come,

your standing before the Lord.

He has some questions for you.

He will judge you by his word.

Sex outside of marriage?

I thought you would understand.

Lord you put this desire in me,

and it is different in every man.

What about all the lying

that I found day by day?

Lord a few may have slipped out.

You understand.... What do you say?

I ask you to serve me,

with heart,mind and soul.

Why did you serve only part time,

Allowing my agape love grow cold?

Worldly things you have brought in,

teaching others how to worship me.

Donít you realize you blinded them,

the Truth they cannot see?

In regards to my resurrection,

to be done in remembrance of me,

taking of the bread and wine,

you being a witness so unbelievers set free.

Instead you celebrate Easter,

allowing children to hunt colored eggs.

Donít you realize when this came to be,

the eggs were colored with blood from babes?

The good news of Godís only son,

presented simply - but what have you done?

Iíll say I never knew you, when presented your way,

eternal punishment for sin and others lead astray.

Daniel Younger,