To the Editor,

So sings the Muppet character Hermit the Frog. It is now becoming more evident that neither is it easy when trying to become “green” in regards to energy production. It is not as easy as proponents thought it would be in terms of technology, feasibility, cost and eco-friendliness.

Wind power is promoted, yet those who live near the “windmills” complain of the noise pollution and health side-effects from them (not to mention the birds that fly into them and are killed — where’s PETA on this?) Solar panels have also proven to be ineffective and unreliable over the long haul.

Bio-fuels have also proven to be too expensive to be practicable. For example, the Navy has begun to use aviation fuel made from such things as algae, chicken fat, and seeds. According to a report issued last July on the costs of this program, conventional aviation fuel was costing us taxpayers around $3.60 per gallon, whereas this “green” fuel was costing us $26 per gallon — a 622 percent cost increase!

Electric cars have also proven to be a bust, both in practicability and eco-friendliness. The batteries have not proven to be sufficiently safe or reliable. In addition, with the attack by the EPA upon our power producers, there soon won’t be sufficient electricity to re-charge them.

When you consider that the government has spent over a billion dollars on subsidies for these “green” initiatives in subsidizing companies that are continually going bankrupt and restrict development of other reliable, proven energy sources, it is clear that not only is it not easy being green, but it’s also not easy being

• a coal miner;

• an employee in the oil/gas industry;

• a consumer who has to pay higher prices on everything;

• a taxpayer who has to subsidize this nonsense.

Yes, Kermit, it certainly isn’t easy being green — or also those who suffer from the mis-guided agenda of those trying to color us “green.”

Frank Kuchar,

Arlington, Texas