To the Editor,

Last week we emailed you about the mess of an embarrassment Ted Cruz has shown himself to be. Senator McCain is even calling him a “wacko bird,” and the Washington Post said he’s like an inmate running an insane asylum.

One good thing about Cruz is that he reminds us daily about how important it is that we work to get ready for the next election, and to return Democrats to power in Texas.

We know that you’re a partner in that work, and so we want to let you in on an exciting new program the TDP is to launch.

The way we Turn Texas Blue is by building a grassroots infrastructure that can turn out votes and convince our best candidates to run for office. The Texas Democratic Party is going to lead in this work by sending organizers out across our state, to build up local parties and to create a winning program from the ground up.

We know that there are numerous counties in Texas that are full of eager Democrats, but they haven’t had the support needed to turn out the vote. We’re about to get out on the road and give them that support.

Our 20 field organizers will work with 20 counties at a time, spending four months in each county. While visiting a county, grassroots organizers will lead intense trainings with local leaders, create long term organizing plans focused on voter registration and turnout, and build up the local communications infrastructure.

Wherever you live in Texas, the TDP will be closer to you than we’ve ever been!

We can’t just campaign during election season. Turning Texas Blue requires a full time focus every day of every year. You and your communities have the power to Turn Texas Blue, and our new field program will give you the tools to lead in this work.

This is how we win. This is how we make Cruz a footnote in history. This is how we protect women’s rights, fund public education and give more Texans health care.

And this is how you play a role in making history. You can say that you were there. That you supported the work back when it first started. That you were one of the Texans who returned our state to Democratic power!

Thank you for all that you do. Long before others believed we could Turn Texas Blue, you knew it was possible. Now is the time for us to lead in that work!

Gilberto Hinojosa,


Texas Democratic Party