PALMER – Member of the Palmer City Council unanimously approved an action to cancel the city’s general election scheduled for May 11. The election was cancelled as the seats up for election were unopposed.

The seats up for election were Marvin Rhoades, Kenneth Bateman and Dianne Drewery. Incumbents, Drewery and Bateman had no opposing candidates. Rhoades did not file for reelection. Rhoades’ seat will be filled by candidate by Raul Medina.

A unanimous decision by the council was passed to accept an offer for a land donation and authorized the city administrator to obtain an appraisal. The land is located in the Meadows Addition and is being surrendered to the city by the developer.

A revised version of the county’s emergency plan was approved by the council members. The plan described as Annex U-Legal of the Ellis County Emergency Operations Plan makes provisions for advising people of an eminent danger where an evacuation would be necessary.  

The revision establishes a procedure for notifying residents of a potential disaster and imposing an evacuation if necessary.

“Part of the problem is some people may refuse to evacuate. This plan allows the follow up of emergency responders on the and the possibility of removal if deemed necessary,” City Administrator Doug Young said.

In other action, a motion passed by the council authorized Mayor Bateman to sign a letter to Suzanne Holley for the clean up of her property located at 306 E. Jefferson. The letter gives Holley until April 1 to bring her property into compliance with city codes.

Holley came before the council last December to address the conditions of her property after Police Chief John Zaidle asked the council to proceed with action for the city to clean up the property.

The property has large piles of brush, high weeds, building materials and construction equipment on the land. At the December meeting, Zaidle said he is working on an effort to clean up the city beginning on the East side.

The code violations have resulted in several citations which Holley has paid in the past.

“Still nothing has been done to clean up the property,” Zaidle said.

If Holley does not make the necessary clean up, the city can proceed with cleaning the property at Holley’s expense and place a lien for the expenses to the city.   

A brief closed session was held to discuss a wrongful termination lawsuit from former Palmer patrolman Robert M. Burros. Burris has filed a lawsuit in Ellis County District Court appealing the council’s decision to uphold the termination.

Burros cane before the council in January to appeal his termination. After hearing arguments from Burros and his lawyer, as well as testimony from Zaidle, the unanimous decision was made by the council to uphold his termination.