The FarmGirls had a great time at the Ellis County Master Gardener Expo.

We loved seeing so many of our wonderful gardening friends. When we packed up our booth we were tired, but elated. We met so many people who are experienced gardeners, novice gardeners and newbies. We were absolutely thrilled to hear the renewed interest in vegetable gardening.

We hope to offer encouragement and guidance to all gardeners.

Whether ground gardening, raised beds, square foot, aquaponics, aeroponics or hydroponics, The FarmGirls want to offer natural and organic solutions to your gardening needs.

Have you noticed the remarkable renaissance in vegetable gardening?

We have heard many explanations including the mental and physical health and nutritional benefits and sustainability which gives us the ability to be more self reliant.

Folks if you donít know this yet, let me tell you gardening is great fun and very rewarding.

One of the first benefits is experiencing joy and wonder through the miraculous nature of seeds.

Holding seed in our hands is holding life!

Watching seeds sprout never ceases to amaze The FarmGirls. We plant a row of radishes, carrots or beans and though we know carrots are slow to sprout we expectantly waiting and watching daily for new life to spring up.

We are elated at the first sight of life. Two little blades called cotolyns emerge and the life of our vegetable has begun. The emergence of our seeds give us hope for tomorrow and for better things to come.

The health benefits of gardening are bountiful: Generally the gardener is outdoors, soaking up sun rays and reaping vitamin D.

Digging in the soil is soothing and calming and offers a mental relief from a stressful day. The physical work of gardening offers exercise and the vegetables gathered from the organic garden are not only rich in nutrients but pesticide free.

Sustainability allows you to: Walk out to your garden. Gather the harvest. Walk back into your house. Clean the vegetables from the garden and cook them up.

There has been no need for trains, planes or automobiles to obtain your fresh, local and pesticide free food for your table.

Learning not only that you can grow your own food but also learning to preserve food for the winter months.

It is very empowering to become self sufficient. Using heirlooms, (seeds that have been proven over time to produce true to parent plants) making it possible to preserve seeds for the following seasonís planting.

Friends, Donelle and I have determined in our hearts to encourage and mentor gardeners. We teach sustainable and natural gardening skills and techniques.

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