AUSTIN, Texas — Wednesday, the House Select Committee on Transparency conducted an eye-opening hearing on the salaries of state employees. Witnesses during the hearing identified substantial variances in how much government agency executives get paid and in the methodology or lack of methodology that determines that pay in Texas.  
“It troubles me that some government executives are compensated based upon market analysis while other heads of similar size agencies may have salaries that are nowhere close to being similar. There should be no reason for these discrepancies to exist among state agency executives,” stated Dan Flynn (R-Van), Co-Chair of the Committee.
In fact, according to a State Auditor’s report and subsequent Committee testimony, executives director salaries at large agencies can range from approximately $140,000 to almost $500,000. “As stewards of the taxpayers money, we must be vigilant in protecting the taxpayer and their dollars,” added Flynn.
The Committee heard from six witnesses during the hearing. The witnesses included representatives of the Department of Public Safety, Employees Retirement System of Texas, and Texas Department of Transportation.
“There is little rhyme or reason to how we compensate our state executives.  Many of these public servants have significant responsibilities, and some even oversee billion dollar budgets, yet compensation varies so drastically. We must bring some consistency over how we pay our agency directors,” concluded Flynn.