The ground-breaking ceremony for the new Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie is scheduled for April 10. The new hospital will be located at the northeast corner of Interstate Highway 35 and U.S. Highway 287 and is expected to open November 2014.
The hospital will be six stories tall with the sixth story left unfinished.
The hospital will open with a 99-bed capacity that can be expanded to 125 beds.
The site of the new hospital is at the former location of the Saint-Gobain manufacturing plant. Saint-Gobain closed its doors in 2009. Demolition of the former factory was completed earlier this year. Opening in 1966 the plant most recently produced around a million amber glass bottles a day.
Baylor selected the site for its easy accessibility as it is located at the intersection of two major highway corridors.
“We have the ability to grow in every single department within this hospital. I can’t tell you how instrumental the city and our board has been in making all these things come together so that we can have a hospital for the future,” Baylor Medical Center at Waxahachie President Jay Fox said.
“One of the big problems that we have right now is that we are land locked at our current site. So when you want to grow it is hard to grow. On this new campus that should not be a problem and we should be able to grow for many, many years to come,” Fox said.
Fox said many people have asked him if the new hospital will bring back women services to the hospital. While the current hospital already provides women services the new hospital will have a dedicated Obstetrics unit. The hospital is expanding its oncology services and will have a dedicated building to provide cancer treatment.
“I know that everybody is aware that we have oncology services right now. If you, a family member or a friend of yours is having to receive radiation you are probably aware that you have to go outside the city upwards to five days a week to get radiation,” Fox said. “We have recruited another big group of oncologists. So we have upwards to about 10 physicians that are here from an oncology stand point. This will be the first center of its kind in the entire region.”
Fox said patients would receive the same high level of service and treatment from the new cancer center here that they currently do at other Baylor Hospitals.
The cancer center will be in a separate building to distinguish itself from the rest of the hospital but it will be connected to the rest of the hospital.
The Waxahachie City Council approved the preliminary plat for the $175.5 million dollar hospital at its Feb. 18 meeting. The council at the Feb. 18 meeting also approved the site plan for the two-story medical office building that will be located adjacent to the new hospital.
“There is a 7,500-square foot medical office building that we have been working very closely with the city on that we are going to build. It is going to be opened a few months prior to the hospital opening,” Fox said. “We do have a plan once this office building does fill up that we can build a 100,000 plus square foot office building if we need it on that campus. So there will be no problem for future growth if we need (more) medical office space in the future.”
The hospital plans to move into the new facility over a 24-hour period once it is completed rather than make a series of moves. Baylor has already contracted with a company that will assist with the move and plan for it. The hospital has been talking with other hospitals across the country that have made similar type of moves to see what their experiences were like.
Fox said a factor making the move challenging is that a lot of the equipment at the hospital is new and will be moving over to the new building. So the entire move has to be coordinated.
While the new hospital will provide Baylor with the room to grow for the future Baylor is looking into what will be done with the existing facility.
“The number one question that everyone asks me what are we going to do with our current facility. We are working on options right now of what we are going to do with the facility,” Fox said. “The Baylor Healthcare System at this time does not have any plans to have anything in that building. We are looking for alterative partners to come in and use that building for something else. There are several people that we have been talking with.”

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