To the Editor,

Letís see if I get this correct. The economy is going well, because of Obama. (Are you better off with close to $4 gas and high food prices caused by the regulations and policies of this administration? Or the smaller paychecks since January because of the tax hike?) Parts of it are failing because of the new Republicans. (Sure, blame what you cannot understand). The old Republicans had integrity, the new ones donít. (Yeah Ö Nixon was right up there with Obama and Clinton on integrity wasnít he? Or was the reference to Strom Thurman?) And the hippy movement ended well before 1968. Right dude. Real coherent.?It seems that the muddled minded sycophant thought I was calling him the hazy hippy. He should read again. He was not granted the honor of having an original thought. And the muddled one must be reminded Ö he is a member of management, not a blue collar worker like myself. Once again HE LIES and misrepresents himself.?I am glad that he has given up on trying to defend the Obamaquester.

Daryl Stanford,