To the Editor,

Anyone who reads my stuff knows that I am pretty good at identifying the problem of the over-bearing federal government. Week after week, I have written about my heart felt concern for my (and your) kids and grandkids future, and the debt being piled on them by our elected employees in Washington, D.C. While it is relatively easy to identify problems, it is, by definition, harder to identify solutions. I also point out to those that bring forward the obvious problems should also bring to the table what they think could or should be possible solutions to the problems they have found.

I will spend some effort in future notes with what I think are possible solutions to the burden placed on generations to come from the general government. With a $16.5 trillion debt expected to be over $24 trillion by 2020, we must do something to curb the punishing growth.

First, our employees in Washington must recognize the inherent danger of baseline budgeting. Simply put, baseline budgeting uses last year appropriation for a department and immediately adds 7-10 percent to this year’s budget as the starting point. This began in the 70s as the Congressional Budget Act of 1974, and has been the rule since then. This method of accounting has put the U.S. taxpayers in an untenable position and must end. I will share more on the differences between the baseline budget and zero base budget later.

The next issue I will raise is our out dated evilly progressive income tax program. By punishing success, and rewarding sloth, the IRS and the government picks winners and losers, controls our day to day existence, and knows way to much about the citizens they allegedly work for. We must end the income tax, repeal the 16th amendment, and replace the completely immoral method of funding the legitimate needs of the government with a consumption (sales) tax. The FairTax (HR25) is actual legislation that will do just that and must be examined further.

Another solution to our current governmental problems is to have employees with an actual backbone. Too many of our elected representatives at the federal level are not willing to stand up and fight for We the People; instead, they just “talk the talk” and quietly vote for most of the continuing encroachment. What we need are representatives that will actually get up and be noticed, get in the fight, and make a difference. Our 15-term (30 years!) Representative Joe Barton, while voting the right way most of the time, but is never seen doing more than that. He is willing to just sit back, resting on his laurels, and get reelected time after time. More on good old Joe later as well.

It is time for real solutions and in the words of Newt Gingrich several years ago: Real chance requires real change! Moreover, real change requires courage and conviction.

Bill Carson,

Ellis County Republican Precinct 103 Chairman