Ark Country Store Co-Owner and Manager Candice Jones said whether someone lives in the country or city, raising chickens has become a very popular idea. She said for some, it’s a way of ensuring they know where the eggs came from. And still for others, it may be a way for them to bring in extra income.

No matter the reason, Jones said they have received 200 chicks for the purpose of selling them to people in the community, and will continue to do so for the next three weeks.

“We have a lot of exciting things going on at Ark Country Store,” Jones said. “The most exciting thing we have going on now is the 200 baby chicks we just received this morning.”

She said it’s not only exciting to provide chicks to be sold to adults, but we love it when the children come in and show interest in them.

One of those children is the granddaughter of Sheriff Johnny Brown and his wife Donna, who is the bookkeeper for the store. Three-year-old Bella was taken to the story by her grandpa Friday morning to welcome the chicks to the store. As she enjoyed petting one of the chicks, Jones took the time to talk to her about the chicks. Jones said educating children and adults about the care of the baby chicks is very important.

As employee Sherry Holmes stood there holding one of the chicks, she agreed with Jones by adding at the early stages in the chicks’ lives they need a very warm environment to live in.

“These chicks are only two-days old,” Holmes said. “They need to be kept very warm and must have antibiotic in their water to ensure they grow up to be healthy.”

Holmes added the chicks also have to be fed medicative crumbles until they start laying eggs, which usually begins around 16-18 weeks.

The baby chicks are priced at $3.25 per chick, and Jones said all the necessary supplies and amenities can also be purchased at their store.

“All the supplies and amenities needed to care for the chicks can be purchased right here in our store,” she said. “We have feeders, food, medication, chicken coops and supplies for you to build your own.”

Donna brown said everyone should invest in a baby chick, because they are tiny, fluffy, soft and they make the sweetest little sound.

Ark Country Store is located at 209 S. Highway 77 in Waxahachie. For more information about purchasing a baby chick or to learn more about Ark Country store, contact Candice Jones at 972-937-8860 or

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