To the Editor,

So to stay true to form, according to some, I shall try to use as many words as possible to say nothing about the latest Tea Party wonder boy Ted “The Missile” Cruz. Seemingly only to fulfill a campaign promise, he introduced a bill to repeal the dreaded socialist scourge of Obamacare. Wow, what an original idea. Just when we needed a national program to diagnose the mentally unfit so we normal people can keep our guns and extended clips in case the tyrannical government storm troopers start kicking our doors in! Gee, what was he thinking?

Then the newest wunderkind of the fringe stated that the bill would not be passed anyway. That’s a good way for us to take our country back. Introduce a bill that won’t pass, waste time and energy that just might, dare I say, (dare, dare!) be spent on anything that might be passed that will benefit the people and finally change the way Washington works. So what does Der Tedster do? Same old same old. Bling over substance. A shallow effort in an attempt to improve on the worst Congress in the history of the institution by our junior senator. Using the same cup of Joe that has been going stale for 26 years only now it’s full of tea. Among other things. That will show those liberals he means business!

Now that I am in an offensive to any that will wrongly feel offended and want to stay that way mode, why the hassle with our President Obama expressing his opinion on the Boy Scouts having gay members? He is not pushing for new legislation, no executive order has been issued and no Boy Scout Leader has been pulled into the White House for an arm twisting and beer summit. Personally, in my unneeded opinion, if the organization wants to admit gay members, that is their right. If not, it is their right also. What seems to be the argument is whether scout leaders can be gay or lesbian. Who cares? Proportionately, based on the scientific and conclusive beyond reproach basis of my experience, those openly gay and lesbian acquaintances of mine are more stable and care more about the well rounded well being of children than do the straight ones. Again it is for the Boy Scout organization to decide. Not you, not me and certainly not our President Obama.

Someone tell the “Missile” to stop with the campaign press releases and be a senator. Gee, I miss Kay Bailey.

Well kids, thanks for your time and if I feel the need to pointlessly word monger or fraudulently spread more lies, I’ll write another letter. Or not. Vote Fox in 2016!

Alan Fox,