All over Ellis County, people are enjoying a more active lifestyle – walking, running, biking, gardening, participating in organized exercise classes – doing whatever it takes to get up and get moving.

Now, through Miles for Hope, a health initiative benefitting Hope Clinic, your physical activity can also help raise money to help your neighbors right here in Ellis County.

“You can become a team leader, or navigator, and enlist a group of travelers to join you, from among your friends, family or co-workers,” said Annette Prudhomme, Health and Wellness Coordinator for Hope Clinic.  “Select an item from our Gifts of Hope Catalog, sign up some sponsors to help you raise funds, and start being more active.”

The Miles for Hope health initiative will occur in February and March.

Not all of our neighbors have the same opportunity to pursue health and wellness.  

In fact, approximately 51,000 residents of our county, with incomes at or below 200 percent of FPL, are uninsured. Countless others have minimal coverage with high deductibles and other limitations that make access to health care seem almost impossible.

“Consider the benefits you have realized by having the ability to obtain the health care services you have needed,” said Prudhomme. “Services like health screenings, preventive medical care, physical therapy, or cardiac rehabilitation – all of these things can so greatly affect your quality of life, even your ability to provide for yourself and your family.”

All funds raised will go directly to providing medical treatment, equipment, or supplies for Hope Clinic patients in Ellis County, while keeping you on the road to a stronger, longer, healthier life.

“This is a great opportunity for businesses, clubs, schools and churches to put some additional purpose into their spring health initiatives,” Prudhomme said. “Having a purpose outside yourself is a great motivator – and there is also an opportunity for a little friendly competition to add to the motivation.”

Hope Clinic provides primary care for both children and adults, women’s health care, dental care, and behavioral health care services.  

Sliding scale fee discounts are available for the uninsured and underinsured, and the Clinic also accepts Medicare, Medicaid, CHIP and most forms of insurance.  Same day appointments are available.

Everyone living in and around Ellis County is welcome at Hope Clinic – and everyone knows someone who needs Hope.

Find out more about Miles for Hope and get started today at