To the Editor,

During this season the world celebrates the birth of Christ, I was drawn to another event recorded in scripture. The rich young ruler that came to Jesus and ask what must he do to inherit eternal life, he went away sorrowful,f or he was not willing to sell all he had and give to the poor. I then remembered another event recorded in scripture, where the poor widow cast in two mites in the offering ... Jesus commented she had given more than all the rest as she had given all she had. In this troubling time of budget for America I had to look at myself very hard then this thought came to me. I wonder as the President and Congress decide what to cut and what to leave in place if they are considering their large salaries and benefits? Or may be doing away with funding for the arts so hungry children could eat? Are they considering other programs which we could do without like Planned Parenthood until America can get back on itís feet? Will the President and Congress go away sorrowful?

Daniel Younger,