To the Editor,

I was greatly saddened on Sunday morning to learn that the Sunday Morning Live Polka Show on KBEC has been cancelled. A prerecorded polka show, so I am told, is to take its place. They donít realize that the show isnít really about the music. I feel that the station owners have completely missed the mark in this instance, and have no idea about what they have done. (Somewhat like the city organizers who say we canít afford a skateboard park for human children, but can afford a dog park. We downgraded from a town with family values to a town who values dogs above children). But I digress.

The whole point of the live Polka Show each week was the ability to call in dedications. Margaret was always there to take your call, and she knew right away who you were and who the person was for whom the dedication was made. I called to dedicate on for my sisterís 30th anniversary, and she said, ďI remember going to her wedding!Ē All week I thought about the need to call in at 9 a.m. on Sunday to get family and friends remembered with favorite songs. I loved hearing the dedications, which called to mind friends and families whom I might not see often, but whom I enjoyed remembering nonetheless. The show was about staying in touch with your extended Czech family. When the dedication was for you, you felt the love and good wishes vibrating across the waves towards you.

The show was enhanced greatly by Johnny Iís accented English, which called to mind the voices of grandparents long gone, who might have had to mentally translate from Czech to English before they spoke. I can always pop in a polka CD if I want to listen to music. The show was about sharing that music with family.

It ahs been on the air since about 1964 for just that reason. When my mother was in the nursing home, my sisters and I would turn it on for her on Sundays, and though she didnít know us anymore, she knew that show, and smiled and nodded her head and tapped her toe along with it. I like t believe that to her, it meant love, in about the only way she understood in her last months.

To paraphrase a famous book, ďThere is no joy in Waxahachie (and Ennis), for mighty KBEC has struck out.Ē

Sandra Hartman,