Boy Scouts of Troop 232 held a retirement ceremony for worn and old U.S. flags Monday night. The ceremony honored both veterans and the proud memories of the flags, which had been collected throughout the year from around the community.

 “This is our annual flag retirement ceremony. We invite local veterans to participate in that. We get hundreds of flags dropped off each year at our cabin and at the various drop boxes that our Eagle Scout has put around the city,” Scout Master Christ Autry said. “Tonight we take all of those flags and we retire them in accordance and customs with of retiring a U.S. flag.”

Autry said since there were so many flags given to the scouts to retire one large flag would be given the full retirement to represent all flags.

First the star field was cut from the flag. Then each stripe was cut and separated from the flag. As each stripe was placed in the fire to be burned with honor the name of one of the original 13 colonies was read out loud. Once all 13 stripes were burned the star field was then placed into the fire.

The scouts paid tribute to several veterans that were at Monday’s event and recognized them for their service to the country. The veterans were then given the honor to retire a flag with a scout in honor of a fellow veteran’s service to the country.

Autry said the event teaches the scouts not only patriotism, but it teaches them how to care for and retire a flag with honor. Throughout the year the scouts learn about the flag code, learn how to raise and lower a flag and conduct a flag ceremony.

Troop guide Austin Choate said this is such an important event because it teaches younger scouts to not only respect the flag but to honor the veterans who have fought for each day.

Air Force Veteran Tom Jones said he was proud of the scouts taking part in this ceremony and was honored to be apart of the event.

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