M.E. Atwood, a local real estate appraiser and broker, has been awarded two additional certificates for appraising and consulting. Both certificates add to the services that Atwood can offer to his clients for their financial planning and decision making.

The first certificate is the CMEA, which stands for Certified Machinery and Equipment appraiser. This certificate is awarded by the NEBB Institute. 

“This institute is 12 years old and is specifically designed to further appraisers ability in the appraisal of machinery and equipment, although many members also appraise real estate, not all members are active in the real estate industry,” Atwood said.

The NEBB Institute has approximately 450 members world wide as it is not only a national organization, but an international one as well. Of that membership there are only about 44 CMEA’s in Texas and only 25 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Atwood stated that as a practical matter he has been involved in the appraisal of machinery and equipment for years as many type of real estate appraisal assignments include a certain amount of machinery and equipment in the overall value. Atwood said that examples include “hotels and motels, convenience stores, quick lube facilities, bowling alleys and many other types of businesses that rely on machinery and equipment to operate as a business”.

Bank examiners, banks and the IRS are becoming more demanding about what is acceptable to them in regards to the necessary paperwork for certain types of financing and estate planning or filings.

“Just about like every other aspect of our lives the government is becoming more demanding of what is acceptable and what is not acceptable to meet or comply with rules and regulations, and this is not a trend that is likely to reverse itself anytime soon and it is one of the primary reasons I decided to seek the certification to help my clients with their needs in this area as well as real estate driving all of our marketplaces and there is a greater focus on professionalism and accuracy in virtually all aspects of business today. Appraisals performed by a CMEA are generally more acceptable then merely giving a copy of an invoice for what someone paid for a piece of equipment. That is where a certified appraisal of the value is more helpful to the client.

The other designation that Atwood has obtained is the SBA, or Senior Business Analyst. This designation is awarded by the International Society of Business Analyst. There are only 73 of these designations and certificates in Texas with only 32 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. “I am very happy to receive this designation also because now I will be able to help clients with valuations of their businesses and all of their other assets as well. Lets face it, for the majority of us, particularly if we own and operate a small business or practice, it represents the greatest amount of our wealth and knowing its value is terribly important for estate planning, selling to others or even selling to partners or other family members.”

“Obtaining the value of a share of stock is easy, call someone like Edward Jones, or look it up on the internet, but finding the value of a small business is quite another matter,” said Atwood. The reasons for needing to know the value of a business run the gambit from retirement planning, financing, divorce, or selling to a partner, or other family member or inheritance. “Most people do not have a readily available source or expert to rely on for this type of advise, but so many things are critical to a business’ value such as have they kept up to new equipment and technology, or has the equipment become old and obsolete even though it may still function? Is the market for this type of business increasing or has technology started to affect that type of business? As an example, a few years ago leasing of payphones for the income was a fairly large small business, but have you tried to find a pay phone lately? These are the type of things an SBA will take into account when valuing a business.”

“I have served the people, businesses and governments in Ellis County for 40 years as an appraiser and broker, now I’m happy to be able to offer these new services to my clients, and they are really important services that almost all of us that have small businesses or practices will need at some point,” said Atwood.

Atwood Valuations and Atwood can be contacted at 972-938-9000 or by email at mearlest@aol.com.