To the Editor,

Well, weíve been about a week out now and the effects on some are starting to become apparent. Some of the hands writing letters on this forum have gained keen insight as to the real lay of the land. Others, well, letís just say some things will never change.

Now the simple fact is that we still have work to do to improve the country. As we always have and always will. Many voluntarily chose to stay the course of improvement. Others voluntarily chose change and a return to the ways of the past. That is America at itís best. The freedom to determine our destiny by the free will of the people.

So now we move on with the task at hand. Even as we get weary and tired. Why? Because it is necessary. And by everyone of us pulling together in our individual ways, the journey becomes less of a challenge to overcome for everyone.

Now Iím not saying that anyone should pull on the same boots as another. But by pulling on our big American pants instead of showing our party and political underwear to everyone and dealing with the problems at hand, we might just get something done. And by doing the hard work needed equally to get it fixed, we will know that the end result will be something made from everyone, for everyone. Not for any percentage of America, but for the whole country.

We have made our choice as to how we govern with others. Not told what route to take or what pledge to sign by the few supposed kingmakers that think they run the operation. Some will use their right of freedom of speech to stand apart from the rest of us. I will defend that right for them to do so. But they donít have usage of a right to determine how the rest of us should run the country from their solitary viewpoint.

For those who wish to tell us that we have made a mistake, well, thatís your choice. But certainly not the choice of the majority who sees it the other way around.

Alan Fox,