To the Editor,

Three cheers to President and Michelle Obama, his campaign team, and the American people!

Today we honor the courage of veterans for the proud work they do every day to keep America safe. A great nation owes the brave servicemen and women a solemn debt for their terrific sacrifice.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank each of you for the grass roots support you have given me throughout this campaign. Although we came up a few votes short, the experience was incredible and I could not have done any of it without your support, contributions, and encouragement. For that I say thank you.

Our staff, volunteers, friends, and neighbors dedicated so many countless hours, and from the bottom of my heart I am grateful. I want to commend my parents, Esque and Addie, for their belief and support of this campaign. I salute my family, sisters, Paula, Correen, Yolanda, and Olivia, for working tirelessly to forward our efforts.

Though the results did not go the way we had hoped, this is not the end.  I entered this race because I knew the people of the 6th Congressional District deserved better representation. Someone who will fight for our communities.  That means the thousands who are unemployed, seniors who rely on Medicare and Social Security, small business owners struggling to keep their doors open, and our children and grandchildren who deserve a great education that will give them a fighting chance. I ran for Congress to fight for them.

During my travels through the district, I was touched by the spirit of our community and humbled by the overwhelming support I received. Running for Congress has been an honor and I simply cannot thank you enough.  Please know that my heart is full of gratitude and appreciation.

We came very close to unseating an incumbent member of Congress. Closer than anyone else who has run against him in the past.  That is a HUGE achievement.  Each of you made a difference in this race. And you all made a difference in my life. I am better off for knowing all the wonderful people I have met during this campaign.

This week, I met with Congressman Barton and congratulated him on his victory. I urged him to work with members of both parities in Congress and President Obama, to forge reasonable consensus solutions to the issues that confront our country.

Please know that my work is not done. This marks the end of a chapter, but the story will continue. Because there are good fights to be fought, I will continue to advocate for job creation, high quality education, health care, funds for roads and infrastructure, and fair tax structures. The 2014 Congressional Mid-term elections will be here before we know it.

Thank you all and I will see you again.

Kenneth Sanders,

Democratic candidate

U.S. Congress, Texas 6th District