To the Editor,

I’m an American. That means I really like to win. But, life sometimes reminds us all that we are going to lose some rounds, and that’s just the way it is.

Losing elections, like other kinds of lessons, has some benefits. Losing the nation to Barack, Harry and Nancy is no exception. Losing forces anybody who actually cares about the “why” involved to think beyond the moment. I like the guy who explained his loss this way, “I would have won if not for the fact that my opponet got more votes.” That’s the American attitude.

Democratic consultants and those in the  media who eternally believe that conservatism is a bad philosophy want us to suppose that the Republican Party is too conservative. Really?  Then, why did Elizabeth Warren, who lied about her heritage, defeat Massachusetts Senator Brown, a very anti-conservative Republican? That campaign had nothing at all to do with conservatism.

American politics goes through many, many everlasting twists and turns, and the success of the President and Senate Democrats and a few gains in the House does, in fact, have political significance about how the nation is changing ... it just doesn’t say a thing about philosophy. No, it says that  people will not vote for candidates who their liberal religious leaders and their taxpayer funded university professors and their liberal political reporters tell them are out to get them. Republicans could not fight back against such a barrage, and the fact that, under these circumstances, they won almost half of the popular vote is an amazing testimony ... FOR CONSERVATISM!

There is one criticism from the anti-Republicans that is valid, however:  I watched as Hispanic Americans listened to the Republican debates. I could see indicators that even those who were trying to like the only large party that is tolerant of prolifers were disappointed in hearing weak answers to questions about how to deal with persons whose parents are illegal, but who had no choice in the matter. I could tell that even conservative friends and neighors who do not share the hatred heaped upon conservatives and Republicans by the press corps felt disappointed. We do not need to trash our own souls to win elections, as our enemies advise, but we do need to communicate to our many Hispanic friends that not believing in open borders does not mean resenting anyone who loves this country!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,