Plans are moving forward on creating a new Waxahachie dog park after receiving approval from the city’s park board.

The new park will be located off of the hike and bike trail off of Howard Road and will be paid for through a fundraising campaign.

“We are in the process now of asking for donations. We have developed the idea and have gotten approval of the parks board. We have a budget of $20,000. The location is going to be down off the hike and bike trail right behind the agriculture barns,” Director of Parks and Recreation John Smith said. “Our budget of $20,000 is mostly for the fencing. That is our biggest ticket item in creating the park with the fencing. You have to have one side for large dogs and the other side for small dogs.”

Smith said they have developed a list of potential donors and will be sending out letters to tell them about the project.  

One feature of the park is a water fountain with a hose bib that will allow water bowls to be filled for the animals. Another feature of the park is a community board that will allow visitors to see the rules of the park and notices such as fliers for lost dogs, pet grooming services and specials at veterinary offices. Smith hopes that he will be able to partner with students at the Waxahachie Independent School District to create this community board.

Other features of the park include a baggy depressor to collect pet waste, shade features and picnic tables, one of which has already been donated. Before deciding on what features would be included at the park, Smith and others visited dog parks in Dallas, Arlington and White Rock Lake.

Smith said the park will also feature a warm up area. This enclosed area will allow visitors to the park to safely unhook their animal before letting them into the main portion of the park.

The city is going to provide a water line for this park as well as some excavation work that needs to be done on the hike and bike trail near the park site. The hope is to have the funding and donations for this park in place so it can open in May 2013.

Residents who wish to make a monetary donation to the park can go to city hall, located at 401 S. Rogers St., to the water-billing department where an account has been set up. If residents wish to make donations of items for the park they can contact Smith at 972-937-7330 ext. 181 or email him at

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