To the Editor,

This letter is in response to that of Debbie Crady regarding my encounter with Baylor Hospital.

First, I am an 80 year old veteran and one of my three degrees is from a Christian College. At this late stage of my life I have no reason to misrepresent anything.

You must realize that Mr. Fox is a corporate excecutive attempting to protect his job.

A list of top 100 hospitals has no value and is nothing more than a Wall Street firm deceiving the public. We can look at this another way.  If they are saying that Baylor Waxahachie is in the top 100 hospitals in Waxahachie, that could be true!

I would like to see Baylor publish a detailed statement on their business dealings with Thomson Reuters & Truven Health.

Ms. Crady, what did Mr. Fox tell you about his PA who gave out information on my illness to a person on the telephone, without my permission, and who gave false information on my condition?

I would very much appreciate your information.

Elvin Taylor,