EDITORíS NOTE: Scott Quintana is a senior member of the nationally-recognized Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. Serving this year as senior drum major, he is chronicling the marching band during the 2012 season.

Monday, 8.27

Welcome to the inside scoop on the Spirit of Waxahachie Indian Band. Iíve been blessed to be a part of such an amazing program that I canít help but tell about our achievements.

When we perform on Friday night, the audience will hear that we are the sixth best 4A marching band and the best 4A concert band in the state of Texas.

Iím proud to say that our band has a tradition of excellence and pride going back before my freshman year. This is the start of a brand new season and I would like to wish all our followers to come out and support us at all of our outings.

Tuesday, 8.28

I know everyone has been dying to know how marching practices have been going. So, in the words of our beloved leader, ďIt is what it is.Ē

Today was our first rehearsal outside of summer band, and I would like to use a metaphor to describe how it went.

Imagine a NASCAR race where all the cars are going around and then a random stop light appears on the track. This should give you a general idea of how practice went.

Before I get any texts let me say this one thing. Considering where we were last year, the 2012-2013 band outdoes all others in the performance of the show.

Trust me on this because Iím not only a drum major, but a senior. Get ready to be amazed at what this band can do.

Wednesday, 8.29

Today was an off day from practice, but Iím not going to let this day go to waste.

The topic of our show is the classic love story between a handsome prince and lovely princess. They are set to be married, but another prince from a dark, sinister land does not want that to happen.

Our show tells the story of the good prince fighting the forces of evil for the woman of his dreams.

Being a drum major, I get to see how the music binds with the drill to create a work of art.

Please come and see how the masterpiece unfolds as we go marching on.

Thursday, 8.30

Now, back from the world of fantasy, we go to the practice field to see the learning of the charmer block.

Being a staple of our halftime performance, we did numerous repetitions of coming on and off the field.

Once that tedious task was over, we moved on to reviewing the prologue, because thatís what weíll be marching on Friday night.

Yes, there are mistakes here and there, but they are minimal compared to what I have seen in the past.

Our show is meant to flow from set to set to create a magical atmosphere as the fairytale comes to life.

Never before have I had such a respect for the brilliance behind a marching show. Tomorrow is the day when we get to see if all of our hard work has paid off.

Friday, 8.31

†† †

There couldnít be any better way to end the first week of school than the performance that we had tonight.

First, the Charmer block went off without any problems which meant that we were focused on doing our job.

Second, our opener was put into cruise control because everyone was comfortable marching their spot.

From tonightís show, we finally got to see how our practice and repetition added up to an amazing product.

Finally, the show was so good that Mr. Armstrong became very ecstatic as we were coming off.

We have to be doing something right and next week weíll have to come out and do even better!