To the Editor,

As a conservative,  pro-life, pro-liberty, pro-traditional family values, (with no desire to “oppress” anyone), and one who powerfully desires to see an America flourishing in opportunities for my grandkids ... Mitt Romney’s choice for VP is EXTREMELY encouraging to this countryside conservative and Ron Paul supporter in the  primaries!  

Romney’s establishment preferences and connections made me wonder, (as I think many fellow grassroots conservatives have) whether he really stands for serious, honest, and credible assessment of the enormous task to restore constitutional government in manner which is compassionate, decent, effective and which is principled!

Ryan is a serious congressman who has earned the trust of both the natural Wall Street folks who are queasy about people like me ... and tons of Tea Party people like me! Why? Because he put a plan on the table that was serious and asked the other side to put a plan on the table.

Whether or not Ryan’s budget proposals are perfect doesn’t matter to me because the President and Senate Majority Leader did NOT even try to put a budget plan on the table. That’s huge and it favors Romney and Ryan, in my books, even though 99 percent of the mainstream  media  worship Obama and the Democrat Party. Now, for a brief moment, they will NO LONGER  able to cover up what’s been happening ... and Independents won’t vote for the Dems this time.

All Americans ... including some liberals, for heaven’s sake ... want the corruption in D.C. to be changed.  That’s why I am thrilled to support Ted Cruz, and now, I can vote with a clear conscience for Mitt Romney ...which I could not do before he asked Ryan to be his VP.

There is no guarantee that the corrupt Obama administration will be replaced. However, now, there will be a real debate about America’s future, the Constitution has some chance of being spoken of in a respectful and serious tone, and  the GOP will win or lose for a higher principle than mere politics ... thanks to Romney choosing Congressman Ryan of Wisconsin.

This conservative Texan is thrilled with the Romney Campaign for the VERY FIRST TIME!

Paul Richard Strange Sr.,