Every day is going too fast! I can’t believe August is here! What happened to the summer?

I want to thank Dr. Felty and his staff. They care so much for our seniors and are such a blessing to this town. Each one is precious and my seniors and I love you all!

Buddy and Beverly Chapman went on a cruise this week! I thought that was SO romantic until I heard he was taking umpteen grandchildren. We hope they all have a wonderful time; but we will surely miss Buddy at the pantry! Connor is going to “fill in” for him and that will be nice.

Now the following made me quiet angry the other day. I was in the tax office at Citizens National Bank waiting to purchase some car tags.  

A VERY rude man started talking extremely harshly to Jodi.  

Jodi Spillers and Stacie Young are two of the hardest working, conscientious and caring people I know.  Having to put up with us (the public) is bad enough without some “know-it-all” cussing and acting so rude!

Several of us in line were ready to “pounce” on this nut; when he abruptly stormed out the back way.

When you see Jodi and Stacie, please tell them what a vital asset they are to our community!

Thank you for all you do! We love you both!

On Saturday evening, Miss Katelyn Smitherman became the beautiful bride of  handsome Trent Bates.

Katelyn has been one of my church “kids” every since she was born and I was very honored to play for this most holy of ceremonies. Pastor Allyson Paxton and the Rev. Bruce Prindle officiated.  I thought of Hershal and me when the Methodist pastor and the Baptist preacher united these two young Christians in marriage.

Katelyn honored her grandparents who are in Heaven now and that was very touching!

The ceremony was proceeding as planned when Trent’s best man fainted. The groomsmen were “stairstepped” on our alter and he was on the top step. He hit his chin and began bleeding as he hit the floor.  

Our terrific police and paramedics were there in no time and took him to the hospital where he had to have several stitches.

Everyone was very calm and knowing he was in good hands as they put him in the ambulance, Allyson said a prayer for the young man, and the service continued.

The vows they wrote to each other were so precious, it made several of us cry.

When they were pronounced husband and wife, we were all very excited.

God was very present there and that made everything extra special!

Robin and Steve Smitherman had made their home into a “showplace” for the reception. White lights with little white bows were covering the back yard. A grand stage had been built for the dance floor.

Streamers lined the fence row and white lights led us through the gates to park. Many, many pool chairs and loungers had been placed strategically in the back yard surrounding tables with large candles giving a very romantic setting for all of us.

The delicious food was lined in a huge square, allowing many to be served at the same time.

There were so many kinfolk attending; I did not get a lot of their names.  I did get to meet Robin’s niece and two of her nephews. Randy and Kellie Bresee helped tremendously with the reception and Fred Persons was the DJ for the evening.

Of course, Lory Ellis made all the corsages, boutonnieres and stunning flower arrangements and the neatest topiary. Robin is letting me make flower arrangements from them to give to our shut-in’s.  Thank you, Robin.

Anytime I get to see Barry and Lisa Hornburg, I feel honored. I know Lisa helped with the wedding.

Denise Delvecchio was in the kitchen every time I went into the house, so I know she worked hard.

I would love to list everyone; but I dislike disturbing Steve and Robin after such a long week.

Hershal and I danced; but it was a little warm for him in his suit. I still wanted to dance so who did I get ... one of my “grandsons,” Jack Ellis. He is really getting to be a good dancer and I appreciated him dancing with his old “grandmother.” He is such a charmer! Jack’s brother Scott was having a good time too!

Hershal and I sat with the Grigsby family and that is always delightful. I love Shelley’s husband, Mike, so I sat down by him. Renee Sutton was there and it is always good to see her. I told her it was Grigsby’s fault we missed Sardis Fifth Sunday Singing. I, then,  brought up the last Smitherman wedding and Grigsby just looked at me!  

We had a very special evening surrounded by people we love, dearly!

Congratulations, Trent and Katelyn Bates. May your lives be filled with happiness and love: and may God always be in the center!

I met the nicest gentleman in church Sunday and it was such a joy to have the conversation we had. Please put he and his family in your prayers. One of my seniors is very, very ill and needs your prayers without ceasing, and please pray for all those you know.

Our four boys are coming this week, so I am sure I will have stories!

Keep checking on your seniors during this heat! Tell them you love them.

Be careful and please love each other.



Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.