The statement below was issued Tuesday by James C. Moore, director, Progress Texas PAC:??

“The takeover of the Texas GOP by Tea Party extremists and their out-of-state, corporate backers is now complete. Ted Cruz gets the GOP Senate nomination and Rick Perry, who endorsed David Dewhurst, gets slapped around by the people who have assumed control of the Texas Republican Party.??

“The Texas Republican Party has said very clearly with today’s election results that they want a partisan and not a problem solver. The nomination of Ted Cruz means the Texas GOP wants to continue to plan for failure and avoid working to solve problems like educating our children and making quality affordable healthcare available for working folks. Republicans want a U.S. Senator determined to destroy instead of build. Ted Cruz is not just a conservative, his views are demonstrably radical and out of the mainstream.? ?

“Governor Perry, who was already unpopular, has just managed to make his political party even more disconnected from Texans. Perry ends up repudiated by his own political party and Republicans get a U.S. Senate candidate who makes Ron Paul look like Ron Reagan.”