To the Editor,

I have seen something that made my day and hope it made yours too. As most of you know by now Waxahachie police officer Josh Williams was tragically killed in an automobile accident while on duty. As tragic as this was, (and I know as my oldest son was killed in an automobile accident 37 years ago) the kindness of the human spirit shone through. Did you know the officer’s widow received a “from the heart” gift? That REALY made me feel great. I am so grateful this old world still has good people in it. That realy sets an example for everybody to follow. This person realy fits the old saying, “Love thy neighbor.” And now it is my prayer that almighty God would bless Josh’s widow in a mighty way and also this kind hearted person that taught the rest of us how to live! How did that old saying go, “I would rather SEE a sermon, than HEAR one any day.” We all just saw one and a good’n it was. May God bless you, and keep you in His care.  

David Nance,