Waxahachie ISD Partners in Education program Adopt- A- Class is making plans for the 6th year.  

Adopt-a-Class matches businesses, organizations and churches with individual third grade classrooms.  

Adopt-A-Class actively engages the community in the learning experiences in WISD schools and strengthens the bond between the schools and their community. Through this partnership, students learn more about their community and benefit from the unique skills and resources of their adopting organizations.

Businesses of any size, as well as churches and civic organizations, may adopt a class after each volunteer completes a volunteer application and background check.

Adopt-A-Class partners are asked to volunteer twice a month. Teachers will also provide a wish list of supplies needed for their classroom and partners are asked to purchase $50 per year from this wish list.

“My experience with Adopt-a-Class was very positive and helpful. My students especially enjoyed when our adopter shared information on good citizenship, integrity, honesty and perseverance.  They really enjoyed the interaction from someone in the community,” said Roxanne Meche, Dunaway Elementary  third grade teacher.

“My adopter would find out about different lessons and units we were studying in class and then share information on these topics.  She also took time to learn the students’ names and interests. The students absolutely loved to see our adopter when she came. They were very attentive and involved in her lessons and couldn’t wait to see what she had to share with them at each visit,”  added a Northside Elementary third grade teacher.

“Our experience was wonderful and the kids loved our adopter. He played lots of math games and brought us cocoons to hatch.  The kids love having someone from the community come in and talk to them and share with them.I love it!”  said Sheri Collins, Felty third grade teacher.

“My students loved our adopter who read to my class.  They got very excited when he came to read.  It is a great program.” said Gina Freels, Shackelford Elementary third grade teacher.

“Our adopter was awesome for my class. He was young and enthusiastic. He went to recess with my class, he tutored, he read and came to field day. The kids need someone to talk to and help guide them. So much is learned from this interaction,”  added Kim Bosher, Clift Elementary third grade teacher.

“My students appreciated the consistency and the bonding of the senior adults working with them.  They loved the kids,”  said Brenda Kuntz, Wedgeworth Elementary third grade teacher.

“We love it!  This past year was our second year to participate and we really feel it is a great way to give back to the community. We read a book each time and then had small group sessions for more one-on-one learning activity.  I would highly recommend Adopt-a-Class to anyone who is interested in trying to plug into the community and our future leaders.  It is so rewarding to feel like you are giving back in some small way that may potentially lead to bigger steps down the road,” said Brana Rope with Adam Rope State Farm Insurance Agency.

“We had a great time working within the Adopt-a-Class program. The interest of the students and the teacher was inspiring. They looked forward to the time we could spend with them.  Each student read a book, wrote a book report and then received a new book to keep. We gave 90 books this year!”  added Leslie Armstrong with Beth Boles-Terminella –The Home Team, RE/Max Suburban South.

“Our teacher and her students were so grateful for us to be there.”  Vintage always love to be involved in the Adopt-a-Class program!” said Katherine Sirchia with Vintage Bank.

“This has been a great experience to interact with students.  We so enjoyed how happy the students were to see us at each visit. Adopt-a-Class is a wonderful opportunity to give back to third graders at one of our local elementary schools by assisting the teacher, visiting with the students and sharing in the learning and fun. We were warmly received each time we visited the classroom,” said Elizabeth Stripland with H-E-B.

Adopt-A-Class has been very well received by both teachers and partners.

“You will find great experiences and many rewards in these classrooms and students will learn much from you! We are very grateful to our outstanding community for their support of the Adopt-a-Class program in Waxahachie Schools. We welcome new adopters to join us!”  said Melissa Cobb, WISD Director of Partners in Education.

To be part of this program, contact Melissa Cobb at 972- 923-4631.