THANK YOU, MIDLOTHIAN! Tuesday evening was an absolutely grand event ... with the exception of one horrible occurrence ... Mrs. Margaret McClendon fell in the restroom and broke her hip.  

Johnny Fleeman had entertained her the entire time while Sard work over in the concession stand A.  

Norma Carbone took her to the restroom and was going to stay with her; but she insisted to be alone. Apparently, while she was trying to open the door, she fell.  

Many wonderful seniors “came to her rescue” but the deed had been done! Sard took her to Mansfield Methodist.  

Each day has been uneventful toward having surgery because of one thing or another. At this moment, her heart is mandating no surgery!  Another team of doctors are coming in this week to view the situation! Please keep her,  Sard, and the entire family in your prayers.

Also, more news on Nancy Foote.  Her leg is broken in THREE places.  They postponed her surgery until Monday so please keep her and Skeets in your prayers.  She will have to be in a wheelchair FOUR and one/half MONTHS!  We will just have to “allow” for a wheelchair in the corner of the pantry because she certainly can’t miss that much work!  We love you, Nancy and Skeets!

Jeline Pegram is still “hanging in there” so please keep this wonderful lady in your prayers, also!

Brenda Kimbrell, also, was treated at Big Baylor and released. Pray, pray!

This will have to be a “two-parter” so we can thank everyone that played a part in our biggest fundraiser of the year!

It was estimated that more than 2,500 people were in or around the Multi-Purpose Stadium!

Dr. Jerome Stewart and Midlothian Independent School District, thank you for allowing us a place to hold our fundraiser. The Multi-Purpose Stadium is awesome and is such a wonderful “gathering place” for everyone to enjoy the fireworks. David Bosewell and Dale Street were always there when we needed them. Dario Guevara was instrumental during the entire afternoon and evening keeping everything going so smoothly! His handling of the lights was as perfect as could be! We got to meet his precious family and they were delightful! Thank you, all!

At noon Tuesday, like a beautiful black horse, the city of Midlothian’s sound stage magnificently entered the “arena.” Great care is taken by Craig Railsback that specific tires are on the vehicle that brings that “great stallion” to rest on the field!  As the stage unfolds, wooden blocks are placed under each leg.

This black beauty  is placed to provide the greatest shade at 6 p.m.. Once it stands ready to serve, the tedious job of making the best sound possible begins. It is extremely hot — no shade; yet our wonderful parks and recreation staff persevere to enable everyone to hear our great entertainers! Don Hastings, Billy King, Gina More, Craig Railsback, Joe Kolenick, Alberto Mares, David Spraglin, Shane Decker, Nathan Alexander, Jeremy Hendricks, Florentino Ordaz, Jeremy Hendricks, Kevin Hubbell, Michael Hullett, Shane Decker, Nathan Alexander and Tanner Copeland, we thank you all for caring about our Sseniors!

That evening, we finally got to meet Craigs’ wife, son and baby daughter. They were grand!

Now, I have to add to the above. Billy King’s father is very ill, (please keep him in your prayers) so  Gina More “handled” everything. She is the cutest and sweetest little thing you would ever want to meet! Everything went so very smooth and it was almost midnight before the “black stallion” majestically left the field! It would only be a few hours before this great group would be working hard again so the people of Midlothian could enjoy our Fourth of July parade. While many of us get to “rest” on the weekends, these terrific people are hard at work providing us entertainment and joy! When you see any of these, please tell them “Thank You.”  

Citizens National Bank, Danny Rodgers, Clint Almand and everyone, without your beautiful fireworks, we would not have nearly the “turn-out” that we have each year. They are propitious for our fund raiser!

Thank you all very much for caring for our elderly!

Chief Carl Smith, Lt. Garland Wolf, Sgt. Richard Pena and the entire Midlothian Police Department, thank you so much for keeping us safe, commanding the parking, and for such smooth exiting after the fireworks!  Though the general public are happy to see you “make their life easier,” they do not think about the hours of planning and preparation that goes into a public function like this.

Chief David Schrodt, Fire Marshal Tom Montgomery, and all our outstanding firemen, thank you for all your pre-preparation and maintaining an extremely safe environment on the field. We feel safe knowing you are there for us! Being “there” and attending to those that “over-heat” is also a worry with which our seniors do not have to contend! Thank you so much!   

How do I thank volunteers that “give” so unselfishly of themselves to help seniors that are sometimes younger than they are? The many, many hours of dedication and love you spend in and for the pantry is unbelievable! I repeatedly say, “God sends me angels unaware” and you are proof of that! I just imagine all of these awesome people “stumbling” around heaven because their crowns are sooooo heavy!

I love you all very much!

I will do the rest of the “Thank You’s” next week.  

I will finish this column telling you how terrific Dennis and Shirley Lauterbach and their family are.  For several years now, they have invited family and friends to a Fourth of July celebration at their home.  Since the good Lord sent Dennis to help at the pantry, he has been a blessing!

Now, they own a beautiful red helicopter and on this occasion, they would take their family and friends for a ride. Being very honored to have ridden in it several times, I found out how much the gas cost for an hour. Though I love that big red bird and would stay in her forever, my mind calculates how much gas it cost and I feel guilty flying in her! Well, low and behold, Dennis invited all of us at the pantry and my GRANDCHILDREN! We only had Matthew and Cash; but nephew Nathan and his mother, Jordan went, too. Of course, Dennis and Shirley are so charming, I had to bribe, threaten, and plead with my family NOT to be a nuisance and ask to “stay” in the chopper! They loved every second of the ride and want to live in it too! When they did ride, “Little” Dennis (Dennis and Shirley’s son) made it a very special ride.

Liana, Lexie, and Luke entertained us at the pool and the boy’s had a blast!  

Their food was so good,  we had Dennis write out the recipe for some of the dishes.

One of Dennis’ high school friends, Johnny B. Tidwell sang beautiful country and gospel music while we ate and talked. He was very good!

It was a glorious Fourth and one this family will never forget! Thank you all so much for sharing your lives with us!

Check on your seniors. Get them an ice bucket and put by their chairs daily. Please tell them you love them.

Be very careful and please love each other.



Vicki Massey is a long-time resident of Midlothian and a strong supporter of the Midlothian Senior Citizens Center and food pantry.