RED OAK – City Manager Todd fuller laid out a three-step plan the city will take to improve water conditions in the city.

The city has received complaints in the past concerning water taste and smell. For several months, Public Works director Charles Brewer has worked to resolve the issue while letting the residents know the water is safe and meets state standards.

“As the city has outgrown the city well water source, we had to look to other sources to meet our needs,” Mayor Alan Hugely said.

The other source was to begin purchasing water from Dallas Water Utilities. Since then the city has been connected to the Dallas source through a seven-mile line.

“Mixing ground water from Dallas and our well water sometimes can create a chemical that gives the sewer smell,” Brewer said.

The taste problems come from an imbalance of chlorine and ammonia in the water, Brewer explained.

“Ammonia is injected into the water to stabilize the chlorine. We have experienced vast changes in chlorine levels. A part of this comes from the Dallas water chlorine level fluctuates due to the lack of ammonia from the Dallas water,” Fuller said.

From the finding of the phase one study, the city developed a three-step recommendation to implement an improvement plan for the city’s water.

The first step  announced by Fuller, is doing a deep water cycle in the overhead storage tanks.

This involves drawing the water level down lower than in past cycling to keep the water in the storage tanks fresh at all levels, he said.

The second step is to add an additional chlorine injection station in the system to offset the lower levels in the Dallas water.

The last step is to continue the flushing of water lines, especially for dead end lines. The city will also continue to work with Dallas to flush the Dallas supply line.

Besides these steps, Fuller also told the city’s staff  the city will be looking at where the dead end lines can be looped to create a constant water flow.

“This will not only help stabilize the water quality but it will also help with water flow for firefighting needs,” Brewer said.

“This will not be a quick fix, in some cases it will take some time, especially to engineer the loops,” Fuller said.  

“At this point, I would like to hold on to phases two and three until we see the results of these recommendations,” Fuller said.

The council agreed with his recommendation.

The only item before the council besides consent agenda items was the consideration of the purchase and financing for emergency vehicle preemption equipment from Community Leasing Partners.

The system allows emergency responders to “signal” traffic lights, making it safer for the vehicles to pass through intersections.

“The system clears an intersection before fire apparatus gets there. The sole purpose is to prevent accidents involving emergency equipment,” Red Oak Fire Chief Eric Thompson said. “This system will work in Waxahachie when we go there and it will work on their equipment when they come up hear,” Thompson said.

The item passed with a unanimous decision.

Hugley recognized several groups for their help and participation with the city’s Red, White and Blue festival.

The groups recognized were Red Oak Citizens Police Academy, and the Texas Civil Defense group. Also recognized was Nanette Paghi of Citizens national Bank for working to supply the fire works.

Fuller announced Lauren Findley as the employee of the month.

“She works to help coordinate many departments with meetings and helps with the web site,” Fuller said.

Findley, the city’s tourism director has been with the city for six years.