One Midlothian resident is praying and following God’s lead to bring the community’s leaders together.

Alastair Howie is unifying the leaders of Midlothian in prayer as the community chaplain. Together, the city’s leaders are following God’s lead to transform the city and meet the physical and emotional needs of its citizens.

The group meets from 7-8 a.m. every Tuesday at Mayor Bill Houston’s office at Real Living real estate, located at 200 W. 14th St. in Midlothian.

“We’re at a genesis of a transformation. God is connecting the dots and our hope, desire and vision is to see God work to bring this whole community together to follow him,” Howie said. “The leaders of this city desire transformation and it’s apparent that God is at work in the hearts of people. As the community chaplain, I am available for them to turn to me for support. Anyone that serves as a leader and needs to talk to someone or needs spiritual support can call on me.”

Howie said the group is currently praying and seeking God’s lead before acting to begin a transformation. The group’s top priority now is to build awareness in the community and offer a bridge to people, in addition to churches and organizations.

“It has to start with prayer and focusing on the needs in the community,” He said.

Howie was contracted by Manna House to serve as the community’s chaplain based on his leadership development experience and passion for following God.

His background includes serving as a business entrepreneur and minister. Howie pastored for about seven years before serving in various roles, including an investments banker, president of an education foundation for at-risk students, chair of a textile business.

His most recent experience is as a John Maxwell certified, professional leadership coach. Maxwell, the author of “The 360º Leader” and several other guides on leadership, communication and networking within the context of Christian principles.

“I sensed the Lord incorporating the development of leaders into his vision for my life,” Howie said. “There is such a leadership crisis in our day and age and a need for hearts for their community.”

He said that God has given him a passion for Midlothian and its leaders, seeking to serve them as a support and initiate God’s will for the community.

“Only God knows how it will all unfold, but it’s amazing now to see all of Midlothian’s leaders coming together to seek him,” he said.

For more information about the prayer group, to join or for spiritual support, contact Howie at 214-580-0384 or If Howie cannot be reached, contact Marilyn Jones 817-781-8070 or

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