To the Editor,

You know, now that we have the car turned around and we have just left El Paso on our way to Texarkana and points beyond, why do we still hear the whines and moans coming from the adolescents in the back seat all complaining, “Why ain’t we there yet?” Heck, we ain’t even hit Sierra Blanca yet!

After they got us lost and wrecked the car in Deming and we had to spend more money than Trump spends on hairspray to get her running again, you’d think they would sit back, enjoy the scenery and maybe help pay for some gas every now and then. But nooooh, they want to complain about they way the driver (who secretly doesn’t have a legal license, wink, wink) is driving, and about the route we’re on because we’re not taking only right turns. The same voices who look at the corporate supplied GPS instead of seeing the reality of the road by looking out the windows. Then they are now deliberately slowing us down by taking too long at the rest stops loading up on Big Reds and pecan logs from the vending machines with the money they got from the shyster car dealer who wants us to switch the brand of car once we can afford a down payment again. It is that same last gas guzzling, lemon brand  we bought from the same dealer that sent us down this road to begin with!

We even hear some say that the driver is driving European style. Horse hockey! There’s a reason the steering wheel is on the left and we drive on the right. That’s America. We just make sure everyone in the car gets an equal opportunity to move up to the front seat by working to change the oil, putting on the spare and washing the windows. Instead of helping to maintain the car, we have the whiners who stay in the car with the AC running, wanting to pay their way to sitting up front all the time. And just where did all those bounty towels in their suitcases come from?

Wow, look at that! There’s a big limo with a sign saying”Austin or Bust” on the back window being pushed by the taxpayers while a feller with good hair rides in the back. Seems he went on a joy ride and ran out of gas.

So we’re all in the car for a long trip. The car is running, not good, but still we’re moving forward again. Hopefully, down the road we can make more needed repairs and get this old car running as she was made to run and pick up some speed. But it’s going to take everyone to keep us moving down the road. No, we ain’t gonna give a few back the keys. No, we ain’t going make a detour to Choctaw so that feller from Massachusetts can gamble. No, we ain’t gonna put in a moonroof so Elroy can fly back and forth. No, we ain’t going to listen to that feller who says whatever they tell him to say about the driver just to distract us. Somebody crack a window.

And no, we are definitely not going to make any women go to the back of the car ever again when we need everyone to help keep the car going, no matter what the drug enhanced appendages on the radio and the various state houses say.

The direction the car takes is dependent on who is driving it. The people who own it or those who just want to lease it until they wear it out. At least now we’re heading to where the sun rises. Where we will have a sunny day and many more to come in moving on down the road to a prosperous and brighter future. Or we can turn around and head back down the road we were on. Where the sun sets and darkness will soon overcome us. We have been down that road before. It takes us where we were four years ago.

The car will travel where we want it to go. I know it depends on where we are looking and what we are focused on. The rear view mirrors or the windshield.

Sing it Willie; “On the road again.”

Alan Fox,