Alvarado High School freshmen took a break from the daily grind of books and notes on Wednesday and spent most of the day serving the Alvarado community.

While the other three grade levels at the high school were testing, the freshmen spent time working at a local cemetery, volunteering at two elementary schools and the school district’s learning center, and working on projects at the high school.

“These students learned a lot about the value of service and then put that learning into practice by giving back to their community,” coordinator Susan Mauldin said. “Their sense of purpose was evident, and as a campus, we couldn’t be prouder of their attitude and effort.”

Several students spent time clearing brush along a fence at Balch Cemetery. There were also plans to paint parts of the cemetery, but those had to be scrapped once threat of rain entered the area.

Students that traveled to Alvarado Elementary South and Alvarado Intermediate did just about every job imaginable – from cleaning out a book room to reading to a class. Students also helped put up bulletin boards in the hallways at AIS and made posters for the school’s Green Team.

At the school district’s learning center, which is a daycare for employee’s children, high school students helped with classroom and hallway spring decorations. The students that stayed at the high school worked on cleaning up the grounds and practice fields. Another group sorted and organized the workshop, prop room and wardrobe closet in the AHS theater.

“By participating in these types of community service activities, our goal is to give back to the community and other schools that support AHS in our numerous endeavors throughout the year,” AHS principal Chris Magee said. “We are also continuing to instill the importance of civic duty and service in all of our students.”