RED OAK — The level of service that the Red Oak Fire Department can provide to the community has been expanded through a recent station renovation. The renovation provides firefighters with additional resources to train and serve the public during an emergency.

“We started back in the summer through bond funds and we were able to start a renovation project of the fire station. The department has grown and some of the operations have changed. We needed to do some upgrades so the building would better suit the department,” Red Oak Fire Chief Eric Thompson said.

“We had a lot of problems with our roof system with a lot of leaks. The leaks were doing some internal damage to the building. So we are fortunate to get a brand new roof system and a new drainage system along with that. Now we have a completely new roof that has a 30-year warrantee on it.”

The existing training room and emergency operations center used both by the fire and police department was expanded to accommodate 32 people. Previously the room could only seat 15 people for training classes. The room is wired with data cables, phone cables and it is connected to an emergency power generator.  

The technology in the room was upgraded by adding a smart board and several large screen monitors. These monitors do multiple tasks at once such as monitoring weather radar and freeway cameras.

“We have video capable conferencing abilities and can communicate with some our surrounding cities in the EOC. We have radios in there so that you can have multiple people working off of different channels. They have a fire, police and a public works radios,” Thompson said. “So in an event of a large major emergency or some type major disaster we have those capabilities. We also have mapping systems in there where you can see the whole overall district that will give you a large scale view of things.”

The construction project has created spaces for EMS storage, bunker gear storage, a laundry room and the self-contained breathing apparatus compressor.

The bunker gear storage room has specially designed racks that for equipment which will help to minimize its wear and tear when not in use. The new laundry room will give the department the ability to clean their bunker gear in house rather then sending it to an outside vendor which will save the department both time and money. The department’s quartermaster has already received the proper training and cleaning certifications to do this cleaning.

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