The Waxahachie Indian varsity tennis team competed in the Mertz Memorial Tournament at Corsicana and the JV team played at the JV Spring Blowout in Ennis.

The varsity boys B doubles team of Elliot Frey and Carl Rodriguez placed fourth to finish the best of all Indians.

For the JV team, both mixed doubles squads did really well.  The duo of Kody Gryder and Ava Landis won the championship by defeating the other Waxahachie team of Logan Griffith and Courtney Mueller.

The varsity team will play again April 2 in the district tournament in Ennis. 

The JV team will compete again March 29 at the Spring Break Out in Ennis.


Varsity results:

Girls Doubles

Kendall Burks / Hailey Phillips

Took 11th place in girls “A” doubles

Carolynn Van Zandt / Ashley Ayub

Took 14th place in girls “B” doubles


Boys Doubles

Jonathan Cooper / Gerardo Garcia

Took ninth place in boys “A” doubles

Elliot Frey / Carl Rodriguez

Took fourth place in boys “B” doubles


Girls Singles

Alison Wilson

Took eighth place in girls “B” singles


Mixed Doubles 

Chet Farmer / RoSandra Acosta

Took seventh place in mixed “B” doubles

Justin Miller / Savannah Summers 

Took ninth place in mixed “A” doubles


JV results:

Girls Doubles

Sami Matthews / Kayla Lemond

First round – Won versus Sheffield / Odgers (Maypearl) 8–5

Quarterfinals – Won versus Webster / Rejeck (Ennis) 8–4

Semifinals – Lost to Pak / Coley (Waco Midway) 3–8

Claudia Martinez / Daniela Gandara

First round – Won versus Johnson / Mason (Canyon Creek) 8–0

Quarterfinals – Lost to Marcom / Jones (Waco Midway) 3–8


Boys Doubles

Ryon Couch / Elijah Coulson

First round Consolation – Won versus Neason / Flatt (Groesbeck) 8–5

Quarterfinals – Won versus Ameny / McClean (Waco Midway) 8–1

Semifinals – Lost to Marchesi / Foster (Waco Midway) 1–8

Blake Wright / Cole Bishop

First Round – Won versus Hernandez / Lopez (Ferris) 8–1

Second round– Won versus Hunter/Easley (Groesbeck) 8–6

Quarterfinals – Lost to Villinueva / Lankforound (Waco Midway) 7–8 (3)


Boys Singles

Mason Biround

First round – Lost to Garcia (Ferris) 3–8

First round Consolation– Lost to Pineda (Canyon Creek) 6–8

Takaya Kimura

First round – Won versus Quezada (Ferris) 8–2

Second round – Lost to Wylie (Ennis) 1–8


Mixed Doubles

Kody Gryder / Ava Landis

First Round – Bye 

Quarterfinals – Won versus Montano/Guerrero (Ennis) 8–0

Semifinals – Won versus Mosley/Pena (Ferris) 8–6

Finals – Won versus Griffith/Mueller (Waxahachie) 8–3

Logan Grifffith / Courtney Mueller

First round – Won versus Zamarripa/Carbran (Palmer) 8–5

Quarterfinals – Won versus Dinh/Perez (Grand Prairie) 8–2

Semifinals – Won versus Galindo/Tarno (Ferris) 8–2

Finals – Lost to Gryder/Landis (Waxahachie) 3–8