Global High School students participated in a regional competition sponsored by TSA, or Technology Students Association, on Feb. 24-25.

Global High’s TSA chapter advisors, April Moon, Scott Warren and Leslie Werchan, traveled to Midlothian with 34 of their students to compete in more than 19 different competitions ranging from Engineering Design to Prepared Presentation.

At the contest, Global High did very well.  The following students placed at the regional contest and will advance to TSA’s state competition.  

Regional Placements    Events    Students

1st — Engineering Design, Kevin Bradshaw, Chandler Johnson, Jon Shinpaugh

1st—Future Tech Teacher, Alyssa Reisner

1st — Career Comparisons, Sarah Edwards

1st—Problem Solving, Natalie Bradford and Chaise Broussard

2nd—Prepared Presentation, Preston Householder

2nd— Technology Bowl, Jarrett Fullington, Sarah Edwards, Alanna Kelly

3rd—Architectural Modeling, Jacob Dalquest and Becky Jones

3rd—Biotechnology Design, Sydnee Tigert and Natalie Bradford

3rd    Debating Technological Issues    Jarrett Fullington and Madison Warren

3rd—Essays on Technology, Rayne Holm

3rd—Photographic Technology, Rylee Werchan

3rd—Fashion Design, Alanna Kelly, Micaela Hollingsworth, Becky Jones

3rd—Structural Engineering, Kevin Bradshaw, Carson Roye

Global High will also compete in the Systems Control event at the state level.   

In addition, Jarrett Fullington, Global High junior and the current TSA state treasurer, will be running for Texas TSA’s state vice president.   

The state competition will be held April 1-3, and the national contest will be held in Nashville, Tenn., in June.


As a senior, I am currently focused on what I want to study in college and what careers I am interested in.  

TSA has helped define who I will become by confirming my love for fashion design.  By competing in the Fashion Design competition the past two years, I know that I want to design and make sustainable clothing for a career.  

Going beyond the traditional design criteria in the fashion industry, I want to integrate my engineering knowledge and creativity to design clothing that improves our world.  

For example, I would like to design articles of clothing that improve the safety of public officials by using new materials and processing methods.

By participating in TSA events, students have the chance to explore different competitions that simulate what it is like to immerse themselves in diverse career fields for a short time.  

As expected, many competitions focus on problem solving in the fields of science, technology and engineering.  

There is a competition for designing a product to solve a design problem, a competition for designing and building a balsa wood tower that holds the most weight, robotic competitions, 3D design events, knowledge based tests, and the list goes on.

What people may not realize about TSA is the diversity of careers and interests that are represented:  English, art, business, marketing and teaching, to name a few.  For example, English is represented by essay, speech and debate competitions. In addition, English skills are required in every competition to prepare documentation and/or professionally present products.  

Art and marketing careers are represented by design contests, such as fashion design, photographic technology, music production, promotional graphics and desktop publishing.

There is even a competition specific to teaching where the competitors write up a lesson plan and teach a lesson in front of a panel of judges.

As you can see, students have the opportunity to be the expert in different fields, the responsibility to meet constraints and criteria, and the experience practicing proper presentation etiquette.  

Much of our work is team based as well, which has been one of my favorite parts of TSA.  

Competitions also require a specific professional dress, which means no tennis shoes, T-shirts, or jeans.  

This is a huge change for some teenagers.

By participating in TSA, my leadership skills have greatly improved.  

My first year in TSA was a huge learning curve, but this year, I am more confident and even stepped up within my team to take a lead role in preparing for state competition.  

I have also improved my presentation skills. Through practicing and performing interviews and speeches, I  have learned how to manage time during a presentation and find the most effective ways to communicate.

This coming fall, I will attend Philadelphia University. I plan on majoring in fashion design with a minor in engineering.  

Next year, Philadelphia University is actually combining their design, engineering and commerce departments into one building because they recognize the need to collaborate across these fields.

Through my experiences at Gobal High and in TSA, I feel that I am well prepared for this unique combination of studies and the challenges ahead.


Waxahachie Global High is a public Early College High School campus with a limited, maximum class size of 100 students per grade. Enrollment is open each fall to incoming freshman applicants from Waxahachie ISD, homeschool and private school students as well as public school students from the Metroplex area. Throughout the year, the school welcomes applications and provides campus visits for interested students and parents both within and outside of the Waxahachie Independent School District. For more information on Waxahachie Global High, or to schedule a campus tour and receive an application, contact the school office at 972-923-4761. Global High is located at 600 W. Second St. in Waxahachie.

Upcoming Global events

Global High PTO

The next Waxahachie Global High School PTO meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, March 6, in the commons of Global High. All parents are encouraged to attend.

Global PTO Yahoo group

The WGH PTO invites any interested parent or family member to join the WGHPTO Yahoo groups.  

This site will allow us to send e-mails to all that request information about what the PTO is doing. It will also serve as a historical information source.  You will be able to read all “old” e-mails to know about past activities.

To join this group, you must e-mail:

Very soon only members of this Yahoo group will receive e-mail communications from the PTO.  

It is strongly suggested that all current parents join to keep informed.


Buy a car, help a school

Roger Sierra, sales consultant with Waxahachie Autoplex, has pledged to donate $100 to the Global High PTO from his commission on any vehicle he sells.

“That’s new or used from any of our stores (which include Buick, GMC, Ford, Mercury, Dodge, Chrysler and Jeep),” Sierra said.

“I’m a huge supporter of Global High and this is something I can to help everytime someone buys a vehicle from me,” he said.

For more information, contact Roger Sierra at 972-938-1991 or 972-351-1496.