In regular session of the Ferris city council Monday, Janet Johnson, owner of a multi-family apartment asked the council to consider a change, modification or grandfathering of her facility from commercial to multi-family water base charges and rates.

She noted that since purchasing the apartments several years ago, she has received a commercial water and sewer bill rather than being classified as a multi-family facility. This has resulted in higher bills since she’s paying a base rate for each of the eight dwellings, which Johnson says is cost prohibitive for her and her tenants, which are on fixed income.

“We could look at what other cities are doing and see if any have done away with the multi-family ordinance,” said city manager Eric Strong.

The action was tabled for further study.

Strong discussed the potential use of tax incentive agreements to attract a new business, a Pizza Hut opening on the corner of Interstate 45 frontage road and 8th Avenue.

“The way it would work, when a business moves into our community we request that they make necessary improvements, and then we refund their sales tax until the improvements are paid off,” Strong said.

The council discussed potential uses for the old library building after the library moves into its new facility in October. Some possible uses discussed were the Boy Scouts, rental facility for private parties and senior citizens. Strong suggested that a set of guidelines be developed for the operation of the building.

Economic Development director Chuck Dart submitted nominations for people to serve on various city boards. They were:

Kano Galindo, Main Street Board – employed at Waste Management; Gabriella Buba, Main Street Board – youth advisor, grade 12; Coral Enriquez, Main Street Board, youth advisor, grade 12; Angela Bruner, Park Board – employed at Capital One Bank; and Olivia Buba, Park Board, youth advisor, grade 9. 

The council voted to approve the nominations.

The city council went into executive session to discuss a lawsuit with the city of Wilmer over property they annexed. 

No action was taken.

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